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NanoLock Releases Cybersecurity Defense Against APT Attacks on IIoT Targets - News

June 10, 2022

NanoLock Security has announced the availability of their full suite of customized cybersecurity solutions for the industrial and manufacturing markets.


NanoLock Combats Cyber Chaos with Device-Level Industrial Cybersecurity Suite - News

May 26, 2022

NanoLock Security, device-level Zero Trust cybersecurity provider, announced their full suite of bespoke cybersecurity solutions for the industrial and manufacturing market. The first company to announce device-level protection solutions specifically for legacy and new industrial machinery and smart factory production lines, NanoLock's industrial protection solutions have been in trials with customers in Europe and are now available worldwide.


NanoLock Security Adds Device-Level Industrial Cybersecurity Suite to Dilute the Cyber Chaos - News

May 19, 2022

Following the recent critical alerts from American agencies about advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks on ICS/SCADA devices, NanoLock designed an industrial device-level Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions thatlower APT attacks on legacy and new industrial machinery and smart factory production lines. 


NanoLock Security and Waterfall Security Partner to Deliver OT Security for Industrial and Energy Applications - Press Release

December 02, 2021

The solution combines NanoLock's device-level, zero-trust protection with Waterfall's hardware-enforced IT/OT perimeter protection to provide a powerful OT security solution that mitigates cyber events from both IT and OT networks.


NanoLock Security and Nozomi Networks to Provide End-To-End Cyber Protection for Critical and Industrial Infrastructures - News

March 30, 2021

NanoLock Security and Nozomi Networks Inc announced they have partnered to provide an end-to-end cyber protection and management solution to secure OT in critical and industrial infrastructure.


NanoLock, Adesto Collaborate to Deliver Flash-to-Cloud Security for IoT Devices - News

February 27, 2020

NanoLock, is collaborating with Adesto to strengthen flash-based embedded security and management solutions for low-density flash memory devices.