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Debug & Test

Ashling Releases a Debug and Trace Probe: Vitra-XS - News

July 31, 2023

Ashling has announced Vitra-XS, its debug & trace probe for embedded design targeting numerous environments such as RISC-V, Arm, and Synopsys ARC. The probe partners with Ashling’s RiscFree SDK for debugging, tracing, profiling, and analysis.

Open Source

Ashling’s RiscFree C/C++ SDK Supports Imagination's RISC-V-Based Catapult - News

March 22, 2023

Nuremberg, Germany. Announced during embedded world 2023, Ashling’s RiscFree SDK will deliver software development support for Imagination’s Catapult RISC-V-based IP cores.  The collaboration between the two companies produced the RTXM-2200 which is the first industrial licensable CPU IP from the RISC-V Catapult family. Highlights include a real-time, scalable, 32-bit integrated design with Imagination’s expertise in CPU development.

Open Source

Ashling Unveils its Vitra-XS at RISC-V Summit - News

December 14, 2022

RISC-V Summit, San Jose. Ashling is showcasing its Vitra-XS, a debug and trace probe for integrated design with support for RISC-V and Arm platforms. Ashling developed the Vitra-XS to collaborate with Ashling’s RiscFree Eclipse based IDE & Debugger utilizing USB 3.0, 38-way Mictor target connector, 512 MB of on-board trace storage, RISC-V debug & trace standards E-Trace and N-Trace, and Arm CoreSight debug & trace standards SWD, DAP, ETM, PTM, STM, and CTI.

Software & OS

Embedded tools and services provider Ashling wins approval as NXP engineering consultant - Press Release

July 02, 2018

Thanks to 20+ years of partnership with NXP on embedded tools and services activities, Ashling has been approved by NXP as an Advanced Engineering Consultant

Debug & Test

Ashling adds support for Synopsys ARC(r) HS4x family - Other

September 20, 2017

Ashling has extended the capability of its Opella-XD-ARC and Ultra-XD-ARC debug probes by adding support for Synopsys new HS4x and HS4xD family of DesignWare ARC processors for high-performance...