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Is It “Penny Wise” to Use Free Tools? - Blog

November 20, 2023

The origin of the phrase “penny wise and pound foolish” comes from the 1621 work The Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton. The idea behind this phrase is that we sometimes concentrate so hard on small costs that we can overlook larger opportunities to reduce costs or increase gains. This mindset has beset embedded development for quite some time and continues to do so.

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Product of the Week: PX5 RTOS with Arm TrustZone Support - Story

May 01, 2023

Safety-critical, real-time systems today — such as automotive, IoT, industrial, mobile, and other MCU-based devices — necessitate a high level of security and protection, and the ability to perform predictable and deterministic functions within a secure environment that can manage various components at once.

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PX5 Integrates Arm TrustZone for a Boost in Security - News

April 27, 2023

San Diego, California. PX5 is adding more security of its real-time operating systems (RTOS), and middleware, by integrating Arm TrustZone technology in its advanced PX5 RTOS for a a boost in security from hardware to code. Designers get secured reliability assurance down to the physical level. “With MCU-based products at the core of our daily lives, from automotive components to industrial shop floors, it is imperative for manufacturers to address cybersecurity risks from the hardware up,” said William Lamie, CEO, PX5.

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Embedded Executive: Bill Lamie, President and CEO, PX5 - Podcast

February 01, 2023

If you’ve been in the embedded space for any length of time, you’re likely familiar with the ThreadX real-time operating system, which was a product of Express Logic. That company was acquired by Microsoft, and its President, Bill Lamie, went along with the team to Microsoft…until now.


Percepio's Tracealyzer 4.6 Supports PX5 RTOS - News

January 27, 2023

Västerås, Sweden, Percepio AB is supporting the release of the fifth-generation RTOS, the PX5. The PX5 RTOS operated on a native implementation of the standard POSIX pThreads API. It will embed the Percepio Tracealyzer 4.6 trace recorder with Percepio supporting the PX5 RTOS with a commercially accessible solution.