Percepio's Tracealyzer 4.6 Supports PX5 RTOS

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 27, 2023


Image Provided by Percepio

Västerås, Sweden, Percepio AB is supporting the release of the fifth-generation RTOS, the PX5. The PX5 RTOS operated on a native implementation of the standard POSIX pThreads API. It will embed the Percepio Tracealyzer 4.6 trace recorder with Percepio supporting the PX5 RTOS with a commercially accessible solution.

“Being part of the launch of PX5 is exciting for Percepio,” says Johan Kraft, founder and CTO of Percepio. “pThreads is a valuable tool to embedded real-time engineers and combined with the other features in PX5 will supercharge the ability of Tracealyzer to monitor the performance of software running on all kinds of embedded systems across the IoT.” 

The design of the Tracealyzer 4.6 enables easy port to PX5 that assists with reliable monitoring of edge devices utilizing a multi-core system. The trace recorder stores software traces up to days at at a time no matter if you are looking for burn-in testing or profiling, or viewing rare errors.

“PX5 RTOS is purpose built to deliver benefits across all IoT sectors including commercial and safety critical applications,” said Bill Lamie, President, PX5. “We are excited to partner with Percepio, a leader in embedded run-time system visualization. It’s hard to correct an issue if you can’t see it. With Tracealyzer, developers can see exactly what is taking place before a system crash. Developers can also leverage this visualization to better understand the firmware, which makes it easier to enhance and optimize its operation. Once you use Tracealyzer, you won’t want to develop without it!”

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