PX5 Integrates Arm TrustZone for a Boost in Security

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 27, 2023


PX5 Integrates Arm TrustZone for a Boost in Security
Image Credit: PX5

San Diego, California. PX5 is adding more security of its real-time operating systems (RTOS), and middleware, by integrating Arm TrustZone technology in its advanced PX5 RTOS for a a boost in security from hardware to code. Designers get secured reliability assurance down to the physical level. “With MCU-based products at the core of our daily lives, from automotive components to industrial shop floors, it is imperative for manufacturers to address cybersecurity risks from the hardware up,” said William Lamie, CEO, PX5.

Arm TrustZone technology separates MCU hardware into secure and non-secure environments including memory, peripherals, and bus transactions. This isolates critical security firmware, hardware, and private information from all other data.

By combining the PX5 RTOS and Arm TrustZone, security is extended with added support for Pointer/Data Verification (PDV) technology. PDV technology secures code and makes it easier to develop a root of trust centered on the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) guidelines for IoT systems.

Cohabitating with Trustzone, PDV technology is a large part of the overall defense-in-depth strategy by discovering and controlling accidental and detrimental memory exploitation of internal system objects, function return addresses, function pointers, and memory pools.

PX5 RTOS Supports:  

  • IAR Systems
  • Eclipse/GCC
  • Arm development tools
  • Complementing support for the:
    • Arm Cortex-M
    • Cortex-R
    • Cortex-A

“The PX5 RTOS support for Arm TrustZone for Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 promises to enhance and simplify security for even the most demanding embedded designs,” continued Lamie.

For more information, visit px5rtos.com

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