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Semtech Announces the Integration of LoRaWAN into Cranberry Analytics' Smart Water Metering Solution. - News

June 22, 2022

Panaji Municipal Corporation (PWD-PHED) to feature a LoRaWAN® network for water use management


Semtech's LoRa Devices Integrated Into REYAX Technology's New Antenna Transceiver Module - News

May 27, 2022

Semtech Corporation announced that REYAX Technology has launched a new antenna transceiver module, the REYAX RYLR998, featuring Semtech's LoRa and has 868/915MHz frequency range.


Semtech and CITiLIGHT Transform Smart City Street Lighting With LoRaWAN - News

May 11, 2022

Semtech announced its collaboration with CITiLIGHT, provider of smart lighting solutions for smart cities, for its VELOCITi LMS lighting management system.


Embedded Executive: Marc Pégulu, VP of IoT, Semtech - Podcast

May 04, 2022

We've been touting the benefits of long-range wide-area networks (WANs) for a long time now, but at what point do we say, “they’ve arrived”? 


Balancing Consumer Demands with Regulatory Compliance in Connected Devices - Blog

May 03, 2022

How many of you checked your smartphone before reading this article? According to, more than 80% of the world’s population own a smartphone—so I’d guess you snuck a peek at any incoming messages. Additionally, how many of you are tracking your steps on a wearable? With the recent uptick in consumer demand for fitness trackers and health-based wearables, the market is expected to reach 344.9 million shipments worldwide this year. If you don’t have a wearable device yet, you’ll likely own one soon.


Better Together: Why IoT Works Best When Powered by Multiple Technologies - Blog

April 28, 2022

Take a look around you and you’ll see that now more than ever, the Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. From the 18-wheeler transporting food and goods to your local coffee shop and smart lighting applications within your office to medical devices in hospitals, IoT plays a critical role in powering everyday devices and applications that make our lives easier.


Semtech Extends LoRa Edge Platform to Support Seamless Worldwide Asset Tracking - News

April 19, 2022

Semtech Corporation announced the addition of multi-band capabilities to its LoRa Edge device-to-Cloud geolocation platform. The new LoRa Edge LR1120 allows for direct satellite-connected Internet of Things (IoT) applications in supply chain management and logistics with seamless low power geolocation on a global scale.