Executive Vice President

Embedded Computing Design

Richard Nass’ key responsibilities include setting the direction for all aspects of OSM’s ECD portfolio, including digital, print, and live events. Previously, Nass was the Brand Director for Design News. Prior, he led the content team for UBM’s Medical Devices Group, and all custom properties and events. Nass has been in the engineering OEM industry for more than 30 years. In prior stints, he led the Content Team at EE Times, Embedded.com, and TechOnLine. Nass holds a BSEE degree from NJIT.

Articles 781 - 800

Five Minutes With Ali Sebt, President, Renesas Electronics America - Video

July 14, 2015

Ali Sebt is the President of the U.S. division of a Japanese company. Do you think that comes with challenges? You bet it does, and Ali elaborates on that. How do you convince the powers that be with


Five Minutes With Michael Furtado, President/Founder, PCcardsDirect.com - Video

July 09, 2015

PCcardsDirect.com sells, amongst lots of other things, PCMCIA cards. Is there still a market for this technology? You'd be surprised (at least I was) by Michaels's response. Then we addressed the othe


Using multicore and virtualization for efficient and flexible development - Q&A with Rob Oshana, Freescale Semiconductor - Other

July 09, 2015

Use of multicore processors in embedded systems has dramatically increased over the past several years, and virtualization is an important component t...


Five Minutes With Adrian Caceres, Co-Founder, VP of Engineering, Ayla Networks - Video

July 01, 2015

Do you know someone who can claim to be a lead designer on Amazon's Kindle? Listen to this interview and you can answer in the affirmative. Adrian Caceres has a passion for anything wireless, includin

Analog & Power

Five Minutes With Tony Stratakos, VP of Advanced R&D, Maxim - Video

June 23, 2015

Tony is an analog and power guy, and frankly, there are fewer and fewer of these people around today. We had an interesting five-minute discussion about whether analog would actually go away at some p


The Renesas Synergy platform manages to stand out in a crowded space - Other

June 19, 2015

Oh great, I was hoping there would be another ARM-based processor. That's just what the world needs. Yes, this is dripping with sarcasm, but it's also...


Five Minutes With Bret Greenstein, VP of IBM's IoT Continuous Engineering & Asset Mgmt Solutions - Video

June 17, 2015

Guess who's involved with the Internet of Things? You got it—IBM. It was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that a company the size of IBM could be nimble enough to operate in a space that ch

Networking & 5G

Five Minutes With Jimmy Buchheim, Chairman/CEO, Bluvision - Video

June 09, 2015

Are you familiar beacon technology? If not, you should be, especially if you're designing products for the consumer and/or retail. In a nutshell, beacon technology takes GPS indoors, to your home, you


Five Minutes With Joel Young, CTO/VP of R&D, Digi - Video

June 02, 2015

Digi claims to have been a leader in IoT for more years that the technology has been around, sort of. How can that be? That's the first question I posed on Joel Young, and he straightened me out. The

Analog & Power

Microchip's Digital-Signal Controllers Suits Digital Power Apps - Blog

June 02, 2015

While I generally don't think about Microchip when I'm thinking about DSP vendors, they do offer some DSP-based products that are aimed at specific ap...

Software & OS

Five Minutes With Jim Carroll, CTO, Mobica - Video

May 27, 2015

Mobica is involved with testing mobile platforms. I asked Jim what a designer's biggest challenge would be with respect to testing these platforms. He discussed the fragmentation and proliferation of


Five Minutes with Tony King-Smith, Executive Vice President, Imagination Technologies - Video

May 20, 2015

Imagination offers solutions to lots of partners that could be viewed as competitive. Is that potentially a problem for an IP company? Maybe yes and may no, depending on how it handled, and Tony King-

Software & OS

Five Minutes with Nikolaos (Nic) Papadopoulos, President, u-blox America - Video

May 14, 2015

They are a company known for its positioning technology. The question asked (and answered) is, what's the future of positioning technology, as it's clear that it’s a very desirable technology. U-blox

Software & OS

Five Minutes With Marcellus Buchheit, President and CEO of Wibu-Systems - Video

May 05, 2015

Do you feel comfortable updating your system over the Internet? What of your data is personal or mission critical. Our expert in the field claims that it's safe, sort of. But don't expect him to be in


Five Minutes With Dr. Scott Nelson, CTO/EVP, Logic PD - Video

April 28, 2015

We talk about the Internet of Things, the IoT, all the time. But do people even know what that means? As I said to Dr. Nelson, if I posed that question to ten different people, I'm likely to get at le

Software & OS

Five Minutes With John J. Paliotta, Co-founder/CTO, Vector Software - Video

April 21, 2015

In this week's interview, we tackled two key subjects: 1. What's an embedded system? 2. What advice would you give someone looking at doing a start-up? One response was a simple one, and one wasn't

Software & OS

Five Minutes With Bill Lamie, CEO/Co-Founder, Express Logic - Video

April 15, 2015

Bill can claim that he's written three operating systems in his lifetime. Not too many people can make the claim of writing one, let alone three! I asked him what would lead him to writing these OSs,

Software & OS

Five Minutes With Atul Bansal, CEO, TimeSys - Video

April 08, 2015

Linux has taken over the embedded industry by storm. Some predicted that this would be the case, but in mnost cases, those were people who had a Linux product to sell. In fairness, the biggest bashers


Five Minutes With Lisa Su, President and CEO, AMD - Video

March 31, 2015

This week's guest is Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD. There were some obvious questions to ask Lisa, and as you might expect, I did. • How do you deal with always being labeled the No. 2 processor

Software & OS

Five Minutes With Drew Jensen, Chief Marketing Officer, Sage Electronics Engineering - Video

March 24, 2015

Open-source software has been around for a while. Its longevity has surprised a lot of people, especially in the applications that are mainstream. Drew Jensen, the CMO of Sage Electronics, is a big be

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