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Analog Devices
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AI & Machine Learning

LIDAR for Autonomous System Design: Object Classification or Object Detection? - Story

November 13, 2020

The promise of a fully autonomous tomorrow no longer seems like a pipe dream.


Analog Devices' MEMS IMU Wins Electronics Industry Award for Automotive Product of the Year - Press Release

October 14, 2020

ADI announced today that its ADIS16505 MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU) has received the Electronics Industry Award for Automotive Product of the Year.

Analog & Power

A Simple Way to Measure Temperature Using One GPIO Digital Interface - Story

October 12, 2020

Question: How can I make an analog measurement if I only have a single GPIO left on the FPGA/microprocesser for my system?

Debug & Test

Is It Possible to Fit Low EMI Power Supplies onto Crowded Boards? - Story

October 12, 2020

Power supplies produce it, and it must be addressed, but what are the sources and what are typical mitigation strategies?

Analog & Power

Breakthrough, Scalable, Intuitive Power Sequencing System Accelerates Design and Debug - Story

October 08, 2020

It's no secret that electronics systems are becoming more complex across all industries. It is less obvious how this complexity has infiltrated power supply design.

Analog & Power

Ultralow Noise, High Current, Compact DC-to-DC Converter Solution for Signal and Data Processing Circuits - Story

October 05, 2020

One common thread throughout these systems is ever-increasing processing power, resulting in corresponding increases in raw power requirements.

Analog & Power

Rarely Asked Questions: Enabling Battery-less Applications with Wireless Power - Story

October 01, 2020

My application doesn't have a battery. Is it possible to power it wirelessly?