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Articles related to AdaCore
Debug & Test

Embedded Toolbox: Use Ada and Let the Compiler Do the Static Analysis - Video

June 23, 2020

The Ada language abstracts most direct interaction with memory onto compilers, transitioning things like memory checks from a manual human operation to automatic. Get ready to save tons of debug time.


Electric Power Steering System Supplier JTEKT Selects SPARK Pro for Safety-Critical Automotive Software - News

June 23, 2020

Formal methods help JTEKT reduce development and verification costs for safe autonomous driving systems.

Software & OS

AdaCore Announces Winners of Fourth Annual "Make with Ada" Competition - Press Release

March 05, 2020

A variety of unique submissions demonstrate the ease of learning and using Ada and SPARK in embedded applications.

Software & OS

AdaCore Expands its Presence in the UK to Support Thriving Aerospace and Defense Industries - Press Release

August 14, 2019

AdaCore today announced the opening of AdaCore Ltd, which will serve as the company?s UK centre-of-excellence for the development of safety- and security-critical software tools.

Software & OS

AdaCore's Third Annual "Make with Ada" Competition Winners Announced - News

March 26, 2019

Contest shows ease of using Ada and SPARK to develop reliable, safe, and secure software.

Software & OS

AdaCore Broadens GNAT Pro Support for Wind River?s Latest VxWorks RTOS - News

March 13, 2019

AdaCore committed to long-term Ada, C, and C++ support on industry-leading RTOS.

Open Source

Five Minutes With Quentin Ochem, Director, AdaCore - Podcast

March 07, 2019

Ada and RISC-V? Yup, that's exactly what's going on, as nVidia has selected Ada to run on its RISC-V core. What does that mean for the future of Ada? That's the question I started with this week's...