AdaCore Introduces GNAT Pro for the Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 24, 2020


AdaCore Introduces GNAT Pro for the Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform

New development toolsuite provides consistency across guest operating systems and is designed to enhance project productivity.

AdaCore launched a new edition of its premier GNAT Pro Ada, C, and C++ development toolsuites in support of the Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform. Offered in separate Ada and C/C++ packages, GNAT Pro, per the companies, enhances Helix Platform's ability to consolidate mixed-criticality aerospace, defense, and automotive applications onto a scalable, agile and certifiable platform. By choosing GNAT Pro, Helix Platform customers will experience a consistent software development toolchain across each of their Helix Platform partitions and target architectures, thereby helping to reduce overall development and training costs.

According to the companies, the consistency offered by GNAT Pro comes from the bundling of AdaCore's development tools for Wind River VxWorks 7, Wind River Linux, and Bare Metal processors. This allows customers to choose the best option for their Helix Platform’s safety, security, and innovation partitions. For example, developers of Ada and C applications with safety-certification requirements like DO-178C can choose to use either a stripped-down, minimal environment through a Bare Metal partition, or a Wind River VxWorks Cert Edition partition with POSIX, ARINC 653, and real-time operating system capabilities. Non-safety partitions can take full advantage of the power of Ada, C, and C++ on Wind River VxWorks 7 and Wind River Linux to provide ideal innovation and deployment for non-safety-critical applications on their system.

Military Embedded Systems Webinar - December 1 @ 11:00 am ET

Join AdaCore’s Robert Tice and Wind River’s Alex Wilson on December 1 @ 11:00 am ET to learn How to Enable the Intelligent Edge for Critical Avionics Software. This webinar, hosted by Military Embedded Systems, will demonstrate how the Helix Virtualization Platform and GNAT Pro development environment can help simplify, secure, and future-proof critical infrastructure solutions. Register for the webinar here

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