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Articles related to Cincoze

Cincoze Embedded Computers - The Heart of Smart Manufacturing - Press Release

April 26, 2022

Cincoze computers are suitable for regular and critical systems at the heart of intelligent manufacturing applications such as automatic loading and unloading, CNC processing, and automated optical inspection (AOI).


Cincoze GOLD Series Edge GPU Computer - At the Core of AIoT - Press Release

January 27, 2022

TAIPEI, Taiwan, January 20, 2022— AIoT is the catalyst for the advent of the smart era, and edge computing devices lie at the core of real-time processing and analysis in the field. The Cincoze GOLD series is a range of GPU computers designed from the ground up to meet the needs of large-scale image processing, machine vision, and machine learning applications in AIoT. The series includes the GP-3000 and GM-1000, which are selectable according to application requirements like size, performance, I/O, functionality, and future upgradeability. Whether it is smart manufacturing, smart transportation, smart cities, or even national defense, the GOLD series is an excellent choice for building smart applications for AIoT.


Cincoze Announces 10th Gen Intel® Xeon® Equipped DS-1300 Industrial Computer-Rugged, High Performance, Highly Expandable - Press Release

July 26, 2021

Cincoze, a rugged embedded computer brand, announced the first 10th generation Intel® Xeon®/CoreTM high-performance, high-expansion, rugged industrial computer, the DS-1300.

AI & Machine Learning

Product of the Week: Cincoze GP-3000 Industrial AI & Machine Vision Computer - Story

June 07, 2021

Size, weight, and power consumption make it difficult to get data center-class AI performance to industrial machine vision, in-vehicle computing, and intelligent security and surveillance (ISS) applications at the edge. Enter the 105 mm x 190 mm x 360 mm Cincoze GP-3000.


Cincoze Announces Flagship GP-3000 Industrial-Grade High-Performance GPU Computer - News

March 01, 2021

Cincoze, a professional manufacturer of embedded systems, has announced its new flagship GPU edge computing system, the GP-3000


Cincoze GM-1000's New Quadro MXM GPU Modules Satisfy Machine Vision Performance Requirements - News

February 01, 2021

Cincoze, a professional manufacturer of embedded systems, expanded the Cincoze GM-1000’s machine vision application performance with two new Quadro MXM GPU modules.


Cincoze High-Efficiency Smart Warehouse Solutions Increase Warehouse Productivity - Press Release

November 11, 2020

Smart warehousing has bucked the global economic slowdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.