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Articles related to Cincoze

Cincoze's CDS Technology - News

January 22, 2024

Cincoze continues to enhance its portfolio with its P2202 and P1201 platforms ideal for mobile applications such as AGV/AMR, control cabinets, and limited space applications . Cincoze's unique one computer with two purposes function has been a standout feature leveraging CDS (Convertible Display System) technology to seamlessly transition between slim embedded computers and versatile panel PCs.


Cincoze's New Panel PCs Merge Intel Power into HMI Applications - News

November 30, 2023

Cincoze released its new panel PC series, the P2202+CV/CS/CO Series powered by Intel’s Core U-series (Alder Lake-P) processor. There are currently two models in the family, the P2202 and the P2202E (PCIe expansion 75W). Memory consists of 64GB of DDR5 4800MHz inside a 254.5 x 190 x 41.5 mm form factor.


Cincoze is Investing in AOI - News

October 04, 2023

To promote the further development of automated optical inspection (AOI), Cincoze released its DS-1400 Series, a PCIe high-performing embedded platform, and the newest member of the DIAMOND family of rugged computing systems. The DS-1400 is powered by the Intel 12th gen Alder Lake-S with up to 16 cores (8P + 8E). Also supported is 64GB of DDR5 memory at up to 4800MHz with ECC and two supplied PCI/PCIe expansion slots. The solution is ideal for environments where rapid vibrations are present.


Combine Differing Touch Screens with Cincoze's M1101 Monitor Module - News

September 05, 2023

Taipei, Taiwan. Cincoze started the delivery of its M1101 monitor module. The M1101 features a Convertible Display System (CDS, Patent Number: M482908) combining differing touch monitors to create an application specific system. Available peripherals include rugged edge ready monitors that prove to be up to 1,800 nits bright and sunlight-readable for use in outdoor environments.


Cincoze Puts Intel Power in its DIAMOND DS-1400 Series - News

August 31, 2023

Cincoze released its DIAMOND DS-1400 Series of industrial computer modules. The modules are designed for enhanced power while offering PCIe expansion. That power is derived from a 12th gen Intel Alder Lake-S processor with the Intel 7 process, delivering a max out at 16 cores (8P + 8E) with DDR5 memory up to 64GB, 4800MHz, ECC technology.


Move and Sort with Cincoze's Industrial CPUs - News

August 24, 2023

Cincoze is ever expanding its designs to further innovate smart logistics utilizing its DI-1100 and DV-1000 series embedded computers in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and industrial sorting applications.

AI & Machine Learning

Cincoze is Bringing AIoT to You at Computex 2023 - News

May 12, 2023

Taipei, Taiwan. Cincoze will be demonstrating “The Diverse Applications of AIoT” while attending Computex 2023 from 30 May-2 June (Hall 1, K1015a). Available at its booth will be four main areas of interest that include, rugged embedded fanless computers, industrial panel PC, embedded GPU computers, and new products.