embedded world 2024 Best in Show Nominees: Computer Boards, Systems, Components, & Peripherals

April 01, 2024


embedded world 2024 Best in Show Nominees: Computer Boards, Systems, Components, & Peripherals

The Embedded Computing Design editorial staff is pleased to present this year’s embedded world Best-in-Show nominees in the Computer Boards, Systems, Components, & Peripherals category:

ADLINK Technology Inc. - Open Frame Touch Panel PC - SP2-IMX8 Series

The SP2-IMX8 is an ARM-based Panel PC powered by NXP i.MX8M Plus high-performance processor with 32GB embedded MultiMedia Card (eMMC) and external Micro SD slot for storage expansion. Offering PCAP touch screen (7"/10") in full flat design, I/O expansionable from edge I/O, support speaker, mic-in, line-out and buzzer, 1GbE LAN TSN, and physical recovery and reset button. Meanwhile, it withstands wide operating temperatures, passes shock and vibration tests, and provides ESD 8K/15K protection for ongoing system operation.

ADLINK's SP2-IMX8 is a transformative open frame panel PC, it can be configured with custom functions and interfaces to seamlessly meet the needs of various vertical applications by edge I/O design. It enables the design of smaller, more compact devices due to its reduced power requirements and simplified circuitry. This makes ARM-based open-frame panel PCs ideal for space-constrained industrial environments or embedded applications. Pass EMC/Safety Compliance which is a ready-to-use panel PC allowing quick and seamless system integration with its modular architecture fulfills fast-track development, verification, and validation, resulting in significant savings in time, money, and resources.

For more information, visit: https://www.adlinktech.com/Products/Panel_PCs_Monitors/Panel_PCs_Monitors/SP2-IMX8_Series


ADLINK Technology Inc. - IP69K stainless steel panel PC - Titan2

The Titan2 series features a truly flat panel and corrosion-resistant 304 (optional 316) stainless steel housing, making it easy to clean using high-pressure hot water or alcohol wipes to ensure optimal hygiene. Operating temperatures ranging from -10°C to +50°C further enhance the adaptability of these industrial-grade PCs. Powered by 11th Gen Intel Core i5/i3 BGA SoC processors, the computing power of the Titan2 series is complemented by M12 connectors, providing seamless connections coded for a perfect fit in IIoT applications. The flexible interface includes two ‘spare’ M12 connections for additional functionality, such as I/O expansion; USB 3.2 Gen.1, and more.

The Titan2 is designed to meet the rigorous demands of sectors such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and automotive production, this robust and reliable panel PC offers superior stability even under heavy usage and adheres to stringent hygiene standards. Moreover, it offers flexible options to tailor for individual requirements, like minimizing screen reflection with optical bonding, increasing brightness (1,000 nits) for clearer displays in varying lighting conditions, and incorporating features like RFID and a built-in front camera for identity recognition. Additional options include 2.5” SSD, LTE/5G, and Wi-Fi 6/BT5.2 modules to enhance data visualization at the edge, optimizing production processes through in-depth analysis.

For more information, visit: https://www.adlinktech.com/Products/Panel_PCs_Monitors/Panel_PCs_Monitors/Titan2


Beagleboard.org - BeagleY-AI

BeagleY-AI is a business-card-sized single-board-computer (SBC) in a form-factor to similar to other boards of its size, but is certified open source hardware, runs fanless, and features a processor capable of running deep-learning algorithms at 4 trillion operations per second (TOPS). Capable of supporting HDMI, DSI, and OLDI displays simultaneously, 4 super-speed USB3 host ports, dual CSI camera input, gigabit Ethernet with power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) add-on, and a 40-pin expansion header, BeagleY-AI is well-suited to industrial user interfaces and common automation tasks and for simplified learning about artificial intelligence from beginners to experts alike.

BeagleY-AI single board computer yet again changes the rules of the game by taking what has become industry standard and making an open source implementation that anyone can extend and make suitable for their goals, personal or commercial. By using a Texas Instruments industrial-ready processor, professionals can extend the platform into numerous end equipment with confidence in quality and supply. Making it accessible for use in many applications such as Robotics, Factory and Building Automation, Test & Measurement, Medical, and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs). The learning curve is short and significant barriers have been removed to commercial adoption.

For more information, visit: https://www.beagleboard.org/boards/beagley-ai


Aaeon - UP XTREME 7100 EDGE

The UP Xtreme 7100 Edge is an all-in-one robotics solution designed for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), and industrial automation applications built on the low-power, cost-efficient Intel® Processor N-series CPU platform. The system features a comprehensive set of communication interfaces in a compact 152mm x 124mm x 40mm chassis, fortified for industrial deployment through rugged features such as a wide 9V ~ 36V power input range, surge, vibration, and shock resistance, along with lockable I/O ports and an optional shock absorber kit.

Designed with established communication pathways to sensors, actuators, and other peripherals essential to industrial robotics, the UP Xtreme 7100 is equipped with a selection of terminal blocks, granting access to digital I/O, GPIO, and isolated RS-232/422/485. Consequently, the UP Xtreme 7100 Edge makes it easier for systems integrators to bring industrial robotics solutions to market. Combining the computing unit and control PLC required for industrial AGV solutions without additional hardware, the system represents design excellence through its provision of a comprehensive, AI-ready solution on such a power-efficient and easily deployed platform.

For more information, visit: https://www.aaeon.com/en/p/up-systems-up-xtreme-7100-edge


Cincoze - High-performance & PCIe Expandable Fanless PC - DS-1402

The DS-1402 series offers powerful performance and PCIe expandability, supporting a 13/12th gen Intel Core series processor, up to 64GB of DDR5 memory at 4800MHz, and ECC technology for enhanced industrial stability. With rich I/O options and up to 2x PCI/PCIe slots, it caters to diverse expansion needs. Its patented PCIe card retainer guarantees secure card placement, even in vibrating environments. Featuring rugged qualities and compliance with MIL-STD-810G and EN 50155 standards, it's built to withstand shocks, vibration environments, and railway computing demands.

PCIe Card Expansion: The DS-1402 offers full-size PCIe card support and a patented PCIe card retainer, ensuring superior performance, stability, and flexibility compared to competitors. 2. Safety and Stability: With certifications like UL, c-UL, CB, EN 62368-1, and compliance with EN 50155, the DS-1402 guarantees safety and reliability, ideal for high-standard applications. 3. Enhanced Data Backup: Unlike competitors limited to RAID 0/1, the DS-1402 supports RAID 0/1/5/10, providing robust data backup and integrity for enhanced protection.

For more information, visit: https://www.cincoze.com/goods_info.php?id=471



MOSAICS-LP is an industrial platform specifically designed for the development of heterogeneous chips, exploiting a universal chassis and based on a catalog of third-party chiplets. This innovation significantly reduces chip design time (from 2 years to 6 months), and cuts design costs (by a factor of 10). MOSAICS-LP is a leading solution in the emerging landscape of IC design technologies. MOSAICS-LP responds to the major challenges of Edge computing and AI, in particular for the defense, industrial, and mobility markets, by providing an effective solution to the problem of shortages of electronic components.

MOSAICS-LP provides an innovative response to the challenges faced by monolithic approaches, which are often energy-hungry and confronted with scalability and cost issues. This revolutionary platform is positioned as a major breakthrough in the supply of integrated circuits, from design to the entire supply chain. This platform focuses on Edge Computing, including embedded AI. The innovation lies in its unique architecture, built around a universal chassis and chiplets.

For more information, visit: https://f4a843df-5051-4443-bae4-fe59dcd1d2f6.usrfiles.com/ugd/f4a843_90482f2c16e34f8fa08e4267527704e3.pdf


IBASE - AMI240 Multi-OS System

Powered by the latest 14th Gen Intel Core processor with a wide-range operating temperature from -20°C to 70°C, the rugged AMI240 fanless system has been verified to support multi-OS function. It utilizes Intel SR-IOV technology to unleash 6x OS (Windows 10 & 11, 2x Android 12, and 2x Ubuntu 22.04) in one system. Users have the flexibility to choose and switch between different OS based on their needs. The system meets various application requirements for low-latency and high-value embedded computing, such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and autonomous systems, which require a well-supported OS to optimize performance as software complexity rapidly increases.

The AMI240 distinguishes itself through a combination of powerful hardware, multi-OS support, graphics capabilities, connectivity options, and a rugged design, making it a comprehensive solution for demanding industrial applications. The implementation of Intel SR-IOV solutions enables efficient sharing of hardware resources between multiple OS. It allows users to consolidate multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine. This can lead to better resource utilization, cost savings, and energy efficiency in scenarios where different OS serve distinct purposes. Developers can use multi-OS environments for cross-platform development, testing, and debugging. This is critical to ensuring that software works seamlessly on different operating systems.

For more information, visit: https://www.ibase.com.tw/en/product/category/Intelligent_System/Expandable_Embedded_System/AMI_Series_Expandable_Fanless_System/AMI240


IBASE - BYTEM200-121 All-in-One Compact Panel PC

The BYTEM200-121 all-in-one compact panel PC comes with a true flat front bezel touch screen. The IP66 front panel design provides protection against water and dust, making it ideal for use in harsh industrial applications such as automation control, smart factories, transportation, and manufacturing. Its modular design offers a variety of expansion I/O, including PoE, DIO, and RS485 isolated cards. In addition, the panel PC features a quick-opening chassis that allows for easy access to expansion slots. It supports 9V~36V wide-range DC power input and is equipped with a USB Type-C for single cable versatility with PD 60W/DP/USB.

The BYTEM200-121 distinguishes itself through its combination of rugged durability and versatile functionality. Its IP66 front panel protection ensures reliability in harsh industrial environments. The modular design offers versatile expansion options to meet different industrial needs and increase its adaptability. The panel PC supports a daisy-chain function to connect 3 more displays via a single USB Type-C cable with PD function for easy deployment in smart factory applications. With support for wide-range DC power input and USB Type-C connectivity for seamless integration, it excels in power efficiency and connectivity, making it the optimal choice for demanding industrial applications.

For more information, visit: https://www.ibase.com.tw/en/product/category/Panel_PC/Compact_Panel_PC/BYTEM_Series_Compact_Panel_PC/BYTEM200-121


Innodisk Corporation - MIPI external cable Fisheye Camera

The camera is an innovative product with the following advantages:• Extended distance: The breakthrough external cable design supports an external transmission distance of up to 2 meters, providing greater flexibility and eliminating the limitations of cable length of MIPI interface. • High bandwidth/low power consumption: Captures clear and detailed images while maintaining low power consumption in various applications, including battery-powered devices. • Customized wide-angle field of view: The fisheye lens design provides a wide-angle field of view and captures a wider scene. It can be customized with Fisheye Dewarp technology to freely adjust the field of view, ensuring optimal performance and applicability.

Innodisk’s MIPI external fisheye camera delivers a superior solution for diverse applications in smart cities, smart industries, and AI image recognition. Its high-quality images, wide applicability, extended transmission distance, affordable price, and customization options make it a compelling choice. This innovative product empowers users to leverage next-generation AI technology, streamlining various processes and enhancing urban infrastructure.

For more information, visit: https://www.innodisk.com/en/products/embedded-peripheral/camera-module/ev2m-gom1


Sealevel Systems - Flexio Fanless Industrial Embedded Computer

The Flexio Fanless Industrial Embedded Computer: Flexible, Limitless, Embedded, Xpandable I/O – and a whole lot more. The Flexio Computer, powered by an Intel industrial processor, features (1) RS-232/422/485 software configurable serial port, (1) RS-232 serial port, (2) USB 3.1 ports, (2) Gigabit Ethernet ports, (1) DP++ port, and (1) VGA port as a base system with flexible, configurable I/O options to fulfill specific application requirements. With a fanless design, the Flexio has a 0° to 60°C operating temperature range and is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10 IoT 2021 LTSC, and Ubuntu Linux.

Flexio computers are intentionally designed to provide power, connectivity, and performance. This combination makes the Flexio an ideal controller for automation, point-of-sale, test and measurement, medical, and security applications. The Flexio Fanless Industrial Embedded Computer is designed for easy installation in existing frameworks and for new system integrations as well. Sealevel is established as the leading computer provider for critical communications in extreme environments – and extremely rugged. With Flexio computers, we’re able to deliver that same level of superior quality in a flexible, more affordable computer for industrial automation and control.

Supermicro - SYS-E403-13E

Supermicro's X13 generation SYS-E403 is a powerful compact box PC featuring a 5th/4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, up to 2 TB of DDR5 memory, 2 hot-swappable 2.5" NVMe drive bays, 2 internal NVMe drives, and 2 10 gigabit ethernet ports. Additionally, the chassis has 3 full-length PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, which offers a great deal of versatility and the capacity to hold up to 3 single slot GPU cards, including the NVIDIA L4 and L40S, as well as most RTX cards.

As the adoption of AI ramps up, the amount of data produced at the edge increases exponentially. Processing this data close to the source is key to keeping latency down and reducing dependency on costly network bandwidth. Combining a data center level Intel Xeon Scalable processors and up to three NVIDIA GPUs in a box form factor, the SYS-E403 is able to extend powerful compute and AI inferencing capabilities to edge. The versatile form factor offers a wide range of deployment options to run demanding Edge AI workloads in industrial, retail, and other environments outside the data center.

For more information, visit: https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/system/iot/fan-based-embedded/sys-e403-13e-frn2t


EKF Elektronik GmbH- 7L600

The 7L600 ModBlox7® module is a Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) switch designed for rugged industrial applications. The assembly is provided with seven 100BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bw) ports and in addition two 1000BASE-T RJ45 jacks. The SPE connectors conform to the IEC 63171-6 industrial-style IP20 mating face. The 7L600 is equipped with the Marvell® 88Q5072 Automotive Ethernet switch and is configured by default for self-managed operation. Its PHYs are fully interoperable with the Open Alliance BroadR-Reach® (OABR) standard for automotive connectivity. Via the RJ45 jacks, 7L600 modules can be easily cascaded and connected to the enterprise network.

The 7l600 SPE switch is the first product from EKF to be based on the recently ratified Modblox7 standard from PICMG. This standard combines the advantages of modular standards such as CompactPCI and CompactPCI Serial with the requirements of box PCs for cost efficiency, small form factor, and low weight. It provides powerful and reliable real-time connections for all components of the IIoT. Compatible with the "Open Alliance BroadR-Reach" standard, it ensures maximum reliability and security for automotive connectivity. With its capabilities, it enables advanced applications such as infotainment, public transport, and central gateways.


OnLogic - Tacton TC401 Industrial All-in-One Panel PC

The Tacton TC401 panel PC is an easy-to-install touchscreen computer purpose-built for reliability in tough environments. Thanks to its modular design, users can choose the screen size, touch type, and brightness they need, and combine it with the I/O, compute power, and expansion options to suit their unique project. This dependable all-in-one solution is specifically designed for ease of installation and use for industrial HMI and automation applications. For more flexibility in compute performance and application, the Tacton panel can also be used as a standalone display in conjunction with any of OnLogic's industrial or rugged computers.

The Tacton TC401 is an all-in-one solution that provides powerful computing in a modular platform. It is easily customizable (modular compute & I/O configurations, support for discrete I/O via integrated MCU, wireless/cellular connectivity, ModBay expansion), has a display option to suit any deployment (high resolution, standard or high brightness, wide viewing angles, integrated proximity sensor, optional HD camera, optically bonded PCAP screens), and is engineered to thrive in challenging environments (wider operating temp range, industrial or rugged power input options, quick install and toolless ruggedized locking mounts, available ignition sensing, shock and vibration resistant, UV resistant, and scratch resistant).

For more information, visit: http://www.onlogic.com/tc401


Digi International - Digi ConnectCore® MP25 system-on-module

Engineered to streamline application development under demanding requirements to improve efficiency, reduce costs, boost innovation, and improve end-customer satisfaction, Digi ConnectCore® MP25 is a versatile and secure wireless system-on-module designed for industrial applications and smart connected devices. STMicroelectronics’ STM32MP25 adds time-sensitive networking and neural and image signal processing for edge AI and computer vision applications.

Digi ConnectCore MP25 embodies a 10-year+ longevity program, ensuring sustained performance and reliability for extended product lifecycles. Digi Embedded Yocto Linux and powerful ConnectCore Cloud and Security services make Digi ConnectCore MP25 a complete solution for creating and maintaining secure connected devices throughout their lifecycle.

As the IoT landscape continues to evolve, Digi remains committed to delivering solutions that not only meet the demands of today but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow. Digi ConnectCore MP25 empowers device developers with ready-to-use edge intelligence, security features, and other future-proof tools and technologies needed to drive forward-thinking innovation and deliver exceptional value to their customers. With a robust design, vast connectivity options and innovative features including advanced security, the ConnectCore MP25 exemplifies Digi’s dedication to providing solutions that both simplify application development and enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in an always-changing landscape.

For more information, visit: https://www.digi.com/products/embedded-systems/digi-connectcore/system-on-modules/digi-connectcore-mp2

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