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Digi-Key Adds Sfera Labs' Raspberry Pi Servers - News

September 26, 2023

Sfera Labs' servers, embedded systems, I/O modules, and sensors are now available from Digi-Key’s online store. Included in the catalogue, the Strato Pi, Iono, and Exo Sense, are based on the open-source Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms and are suitable for industrial automation, IoT, and edge computing.

Open Source

On-Demand Webcast: Programming the Raspberry Pi RP2040 Pico W for WiFi Interface - Podcast

December 16, 2022

This third class in the Developing with Pi series delves into programming the Raspberry Pi Pico W, enabling WiFi for the RP2040 chip. We'll show how to use it to generate a local web page, creating a simple wireless interface that you can use to interact with your board via a computer or other smart device.

Open Source

On-Demand Webcast: Programming Options and Setting Up the RP2040 Programming environment - Podcast

November 18, 2022

In this second “Developing with Pi,” class, we’ll get started programming the RP2040 microcontroller. We’ll show how to set up the Thonny IDE for programming in a Python, and how to set up the Arduino IDE for programming in C. We’ll interface with the RP2040 in both environments, doing a “hello world” to help get you started on your programming journey! For this class we’ll be using the Raspberry Pi Pico, and the same concepts should apply to any dev board based on the RP2040.


Join Digi-Key Electronics at electronica 2022 in Munich - News

November 01, 2022

Visit Digi-Key’s bold new booth, B4.578, for opportunities to experience Digi-Key

Open Source

On-Demand Webcast: Introduction to the Raspberry Pi P2040 (and supporting dev boards) - Podcast

October 21, 2022

In the first class of this on-going series of “Developing with Pi,” we introduce the RP2040 and walk through its feature set and capabilities, proving the engineering community with the foundation it needs for subsequent classes. In addition, we present several dev boards that take advantage of this “available and ready-to-use today” RP2040 chip. Some of the aforementioned boards may include the Pico, Pico H, and Pico W, and even some clone boards.

Analog & Power

CODACA Partners with Digi-Key to Service Global R&D Engineers - Press Release

April 08, 2022

CODACA, manufacturer of high quality power inductors, has established a partnership with Digi-Key Electronics, expanding the channel for CODACA’s high-current power inductor products.

Debug & Test

Digi-Key Electronics Announces Partnership with F3 Wireless to Offer RF Engineering Services - News

September 21, 2021

F3 Wireless specializes in consulting, design, and manufacturing services for electronic products and applications. As a trusted engineering partner, F3 helps companies through the stages of product design, development, certification, and manufacturing.