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Analog & Power

AI & ML: Optimizing EVCS Location and Battery Management - Blog

May 30, 2023

In a recent announcement, Google introduced a new feature designed for EV owners that leverages AI technology to identify the most suitable EV station and optimal route, providing users with enhanced convenience and efficiency. This development highlights the significant role AI can play in streamlining the charging experience for EV owners and further advancing the industry.


Zigbee Technology Security: Examination and Possible Solutions - Blog

February 13, 2023

In recent years, wireless technology has advanced quickly. Its benefits encompass accountability, simplicity, and reasonable cost. There are several wireless tracking applications for commercial and residential settings that demand less complexity, slower data transmission rates, and longer battery life than those from established standards.


Quick Guide for Implementing Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) Based Solutions on STM32 Platform - Blog

March 11, 2022

This article covers the depth of generating target software specific to STM32 Microcontroller, which contains the A2B stack and application for single-master single-slave A2B Network.

Analog & Power

Power Delivery Network (PDN) for High-Speed PCB Design - Blog

March 04, 2022

The even distribution of various power and ground nets to various devices onboard is required for a good power delivery network design. It is desirable to have a dedicated power plane for every needed voltage.

Debug & Test

Static Test Case and Test Procedure Analysis Tool for Error Optimization in Verification Artifacts - Blog

January 25, 2022

Efficiency and quality are important in any field, and software verification is no exception. The “Static Test Case and Test Procedure Analysis Tool” enhances the quality of artifacts in verification projects and helps rectify the human errors introduced in it.


Importance of Hierarchical DFT implementation in maximizing the SoC - throughput ? Part - I - Story

November 24, 2020

Advanced Design For Test(DFT) techniques provides efficient test solutions to deal with higher test cost, higher power consumption, test area, and pin count at lower geometries.

Analog & Power

Effect of Temperature Inversion on Lower Nodes - Story

October 28, 2020

The threshold voltage is the minimum voltage required for the flow of electrons through the channel. It is denoted by VTH of a MOSFET.