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eSOL Will Release Software Development Kits for CC-LINK IE TSN - News

December 28, 2022

Tokyo, Japan. In Spring 2023 eSOL will issue the latest versions of its CC-Link IE TSN SDK supporting CC-Link IE TSN, specified by the CC-Link Partner Association. It proliferates a shorter development time for industrial devices supporting the standards set for CC-Link IE TSN to enable communication for factory automation and IT environments.

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New Partner Solution Allows eSOL Customers to Harness the Full Programming Power of Rust - News

June 27, 2022

eSOL announced a new partner solution which will allow customers to exploit the full potential of the Rust programming language across a host of mission-critical and functional safety applications.


Communication Gateway Aggregates ECUs for Automotive SOA Architectures - News

June 27, 2022

eSOL announced a proof of concept (PoC) demonstrating a communication gateway ECU based on an open standard software model using a SOA on Renesas Electronics’ in-vehicle SoC (System on Chip) products.

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Solid Sands’ SuperTest Toolset Provides Ready-Made Test and Validation Solution - Blog

December 13, 2021

Most of today’s safety-critical embedded software applications are comprised of three components: developer written application code, standard library components, and a real-time operating system (RTOS). Rolland Dudemaine, the Vice-President of Engineering at eSOL Europe, verifies that the latter piece is why compliance with safety standards, such as ISO 26262 for automotive, is so important.

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Open Programming Model to Create Middle Ground for Embedded, Enterprise & IoT Developers - Blog

November 04, 2021

Working with real-time operating systems has historically been an esoteric endeavor – especially if the RTOS controls safety- and security-critical equipment like industrial machinery or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). 

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eSOL and RTI Collaborate on Rapid Development of Embedded Systems for Automotive and Industrial Automation Markets - News

September 28, 2021

The High-Performance Combination of RTI Connext DDS and eSOL RTOS will Streamline System Development for Multicore Applications.

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Tuxera and eSOL Bring Data Management to Automotive Safety-Critical Systems - News

July 28, 2021

Tuxera and eSOL announced a strategic partnership for the automotive industry. Per the companies, the partnership will bring I/O throughput, data integrity, fail-safety, and improved storage media endurance to the data handling operations in eSOL's eMCOS real-time operating system (RTOS).