Road to embedded world: eSOL Will Present its Theme “Safe and Scalable Real-Time Platform for Software-Defined Embedded Systems”

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 28, 2024


Image Credit: eSOL

Embedded Computing Design’s Road to Embedded World will highlight a host of embedded suppliers who will be showcasing their latest products and technologies at Embedded World, April 9th to 11th in Nuremberg, Germany. Embedded World is the largest global gathering of its kind. Check back regularly to see where the Road to Embedded World takes us.

eSOL will be located in Hall 4 booth 417 where it will focus on its theme: Safe and Scalable Real-Time Platform for Software-Defined Embedded Systems. The flagship solution featured at the booth will be the software-factory-ready eMCOS SDK.

The eMCOS SDK is based on eSOL's high-performance and scalable eMCOS POSIX multikernel real-time operating system (RTOS). It delivers an “all-in-one" integrated package providing a full commercial and comprehensive bundle of CI/CD-ready tools and run-time software. According to eSOL, the eMCOS SDK reduces the complexity of developing and deploying embedded applications with mixed criticality.

eMCOS POSIX is a high-performing and scalable RTOS offering optimized parallel computing for heterogeneous multi-core hardware platforms and an increase in portability with its extensive POSIX API.The POSIX enables a variety of applications to run simultaneously on an efficient environment.

Also showcased will be the eMCOS Hypervisor, an extension of eMCOS POSIX delivering safe and secure virtualization alongside highly flexible mixed-criticality software. eMCOS Hypervisor has a “Type 1.5” real-time design that is easy to use. Real-time and safety-critical applications run in a native POSIX environment, alongside Linux (e.g., AI) or Android (e.g., HMI) guest operating systems.

Visitors will also see eSOL’s commercial integrated solutions and expert engineering services for Autoware/ROS on eMCOS. eSOL supports Autoware as it is the only open standard framework available for AD/ADAS, and ROS 2 is the most common open-source software for robotics.

From eSOL:

eSOL is a founding and industry member of the Autoware Foundation, and the company has helped to make its customers’ Autoware-based products mass-produced and functionally safe.

In addition, eSOL is a long established premium partner of the AUTOSAR consortium and actively contributes to the definition of the AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive platforms. Through its intensive membership in the OS and Architecture group, eSOL helps ensure that its OS and hypervisor products are compliant and work well with these standards.

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