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Articles related to STMicroelectronics
Analog & Power

STMicroelectronics Adds Extra Flexibility for Driving Capacitive Loads on Its Dual High-Side Switches - News

March 03, 2022

STMicroelectronics’ latest high-side switches, the IPS2050H and the IPS2050H-32, allow two programmable current-limit values for smart driving of capacitive loads that draw high startup current.

AI & Machine Learning

STMicroelectronics’ “Intelligent Sensor Processing Unit” Integrates Brains into Sensors - News

February 17, 2022

STMicroelectronics announced the launch of the Intelligent Sensor Processing Unit (ISPU) that combines a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) suited to run AI algorithms and MEMS sensor on the same silicon.

Analog & Power

STMicroelectronics Launches USB Power Delivery with Digitally Programmable Synchronous Buck Converter - News

January 27, 2022

The STMicroelectronics STPD01 DC/DC buck converter is digitally programmable for USB Power Delivery (PD) applications up to 60W.

Analog & Power

STMicroelectronics Introduces First PowerGaN Products for More Energy-Efficient, Slimmer Power Supplies - News

December 21, 2021

STMicroelectronics revealed a new family of GaN power semiconductors in the STPOWER portfolio that are designed to reduce energy use and enable slimmer designs in a variety of electronic products.

Software & OS

STMicroelectronics Streamlines Machine-Learning Software Development for Connected Devices and Industrial Equipment with Upgrades to NanoEdge AI Studio - News

December 03, 2021

STMicroelectronics announced the availability of Version 3 of NanoEdge AI Studio, the first major upgrade of the software tool for machine-learning applications that ST acquired with Cartesiam earlier this year. 


STMicroelectronics Reveals Secure Microcontroller for Biometric System-on-Card and dCVV Solutions - News

November 30, 2021

STMicroelectronics is facilitating advanced security for contact and contactless payment cards, ID cards, and transport ticketing with its latest-generation ST31 secure microcontroller.

Analog & Power

STMicroelectronics Launches Cost-Effective NFC Type 2 Tag IC with Privacy Features and Augmented NDEF - Press Release

November 10, 2021

Geneva, November 9, 2021 – STMicroelectronics’ ST25TN512 and ST25TN01K NFC Forum Type 2 tag ICs deliver a new balance of cost and performance for high-volume use cases like consumer engagement, product information, and brand protection.