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Articles related to STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Approved the 4.21 Update for TouchGFX Software Package - News

December 27, 2022

Geneva. STMicroelectronics ratified its TouchGFX software package for simpler user interface (UI) designs that work collaboratively with STM32 microcontrollers. The 4.21 runs through the NeoChrom GPU processor, and utilizes TouchGFX Stock to control graphics for end-products.

Analog & Power

STMicroelectronics Releases a Digital Power Combination Controller - News

December 22, 2022

Geneva. STMicroelectronics’ STNRG011A digital power combination controller for 90W to 300W power supplies showcases improved overload management, power-factor correction (PFC) controller, LLC resonant half-bridge controller, 800V startup circuitry, and supervisory engine.


STMicroelectronics Announces New Silicon-Carbide Power Modules for Electric Vehicle Traction Applications - News

December 09, 2022

Geneva – STMicroelectronics launched new silicon-carbide (SiC) high-power modules that are designed to increase the performance and driving range of electric vehicles. The five new SiC-MOSFET based power modules have been chosen by Hyundai to be used in the E-GMP electric-vehicle platform shared by KIA EV6 and several models.

Software & OS

STMicroelectronics Updates its X-CUBE-TCPP Software Pack - News

December 08, 2022

Geneva. STMicroelectronics updated its X-CUBE-TCPP software pack with improvements to its portfolio of USB Type-C port-protection ICs and STM32 interface ICs operating from 5V/0.5A up to 48V/5A (240-Watt) within ratification 3.1. The specification provides libraries for three USB Type-C port-protection ICs in ST’s portfolio, the TCPP01-M12 for sink applications, the TCPP02-M18 for source applications, and the TCPP03-M20 for dual-role power (DRP) applications.

Analog & Power

STMicroelectronics and Soitec Slice SiC Wafers for Energy Efficiency - News

December 07, 2022

Geneva (Switzerland) and Bernin (France). “The automotive industry is facing major disruption with the advent of electric vehicles,” said Bernard Aspar, Chief Operating Officer of Soitec.  Having deciding on a path toward the inevitable, STMicroelectronics, along with Soitec, are ramping up their cooperation on Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrates by way of STMicroelectronics utilizing Soitec’s SmartSiC technology for a transition to 200mm SiC wafers. “The transition to 200mm SiC wafers will bring substantial advantages to our automotive and industrial customers as they accelerate the transition toward electrification of their systems and products. It is important in driving economies of scale as product volumes ramp,” said Marco Monti, President Automotive and Discrete Group, STMicroelectronics. 


STMicroelectronics Showcases Technology for Smarter Mobility, Energy Efficiency, and Industrial Applications at electronica 2022 - News

November 14, 2022
  • Electrification solutions and advanced digitalization systems suit more affordable EVs with greater range and new levels of performance and safety among smart mobility highlights
  • Broad range of energy efficiency demos across the full range of applications highlight how the company helps customers do more with less
  • Industrial AI demos show how to easily combine Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning approaches with digitalization and secure connectivity to expand Factory Automation wins

STMicroelectronics Eases Wireless Connectivity with its Smart STM32 Module - News

November 03, 2022

Geneva. STMicroelectronics introduced its smart wireless module, the STM32WB5MMGH6 powered by both, an Arm Cortex-M4 core for solution processing and a Cortex-M0+ for integrated radio. The module utilizes general standards such as Bluetooth LE 5.3, Zigbee 3.0, and OpenThread to create a complete sub-system including free-to-use protocol stacks.