STMicroelectronics' New Single-Chip Antenna-Matching ICs

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 02, 2023


STMicroelectronics' New Single-Chip Antenna-Matching ICs

Geneva. STMicroelectronics expanded its single-chip antenna-matching ICs that simplify RF-circuit design with two additions: the MLPF-WB-02D3 for STM32WB microcontrollers and the MLPF-NRG-01D3 for BlueNRG-LPS microcontrollers.

The new ICs include the filtering and impedance-matching network required to optimize receiver sensitivity and RF output power with an external antenna, each with a 50Ω nominal impedance on the antenna side. The chip-scale package features a 0.4mm bump pitch and a 630µm profile after reflow soldering. Both ICs are compliant with worldwide radio regulations — such as the FCC, ARIB, and ETSI specifications — thanks to a 2.4GHz low-pass filter.

The components of the circuit are created on a glass substrate that uses the company's integrated passive device (IPD) technology, which is designed to minimize insertion losses and provide better performance than circuits made with discrete components. Additionally, integration on the same die enables consistent component parameters.

The MLPF-NRG-01D3 IPD is compatible with all variants, comprising the BLUENRG-3x5Vx, BLUENRG-3x5Ax, and BLUENRG-332xx in UFQFPN and WLCSP packages.

The STM32WB5x and STM32WB1x MCUs are Bluetooth 5.3, Zigbee® 3.0, and OpenThread certified and feature an Arm® Cortex®-M4 core for application processing with a Cortex-M0+ dedicated to managing the radio. They are available in WLCSP and UFBGA packages that connect directly to the MLPF-WB-02D3 IPD. A different IPD is available for other MCU variants in UQFN and VQFN packages.

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