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Case Study: Deploying OCT for Real-Time Medical Imaging Applications, Including Advanced Laser Surgery - Story

January 25, 2022

Many medical imaging methods have been developed to provide visual representations of various body parts.


Understand the Specific Requirements Needed for Telemedicine Platforms - Blog

November 15, 2021

If it’s possible for something good to come out of the pandemic, you could point to the increased use of telemedicine, and the positive impact this technology has had on society.


Vecow and Blaize Launch the Vecow ECX-2400 Workstation-Grade AI Computing System  - News

October 11, 2021

The Vecow ECX-2400 AI Computing System harnesses the Blaize Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) based Xplorer AI accelerator to produce AI performance with higher system reliability, lower power consumption, and faster time-to-market. 


Vecow and Blaize to Deliver Workstation-Grade Edge AI Computing Solution - News

September 27, 2021

Vecow and Blaize announced the launch of the Vecow ECX-2400 workstation-grade AI Computing System. Vecow ECX-2400 harnesses the Blaize Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) based Xplorer AI accelerator to deliver AI performance with high system reliability, low power consumption, and suitable time-to-market.


Security Solution for Tomorrow’s Railway Applications - Story

September 01, 2021

Vision systems for rail applications can serve many purposes, from the very mundane to those that can protect passengers. The obvious uses are to constantly monitor tracks to ensure that the railways remain clear of obstructions and to ensure that trains are where they are supposed to be at any given time.


Vecow Launches EAC-2000 Series NVIDIA Jetson Xavier Fanless Embedded System - Press Release

August 23, 2021

Featuring 6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM® v8.2 64-bit CPU and 384-core NVIDIA Volta™ GPU,  Vecow EAC-2000 Series features power-efficient in a small form factor to empower Edgae AI applications including Traffic Vision, Intelligent Surveillance, Auto Optical Inspection, Smart Factory, AMR/AGV, and any AIoT/Industry 4.0 applications.