CIS Electronic Engineering Assisting Companies Develop ?not-for-profit? Ventilators

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 30, 2020


CIS Electronic Engineering Assisting Companies Develop ?not-for-profit? Ventilators

CIS Electronics announced it is assisting other companies and institutions develop ?not-for-profit? ventilators.

CIS Electronic Engineering announced it is assisting other companies and institutions develop ‘not-for-profit’ ventilators. According to the company, it is making appeals to its network of industry experts who may donate time during the global health crisis.

“Companies including existing medical device manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, other electronics manufacturers, and many major technological institutions are all looking to join the fight to save lives,” a company representative said, in a press release. “Some are ramping up existing production, others are modifying existing products and production lines to produce ventilators, and some are even starting from scratch, using newly available open source specifications offered by a range of private and public sector institutions.”

CIS is looking for support from professionals working in a number of fields that include software and systems architects, low level embedded software, firmware, bare metal, HW designers, safety critical SW experts, and more.

A Message from CIS Electronic Engineering

If you are looking for help with projects in this area, please let us know and we will reach out to our network of engineers and consultants across the globe for engineers willing to donate their time and expertise for free, to help with this monumental crisis. We cannot guarantee results, however what we can guarantee is that we will get the message out there ‘loud and clear’ across our networks!

For Free Project Assistance

Please click here to email us with the words ‘Required Skills’ in the subject line and let us know what skills and experience you are looking for.

For Engineers

For Engineers wishing to register your interest in helping with this program, please click here to send a copy of your profile with the words ‘Skills Available’ in the subject line. Please indicate the amount of time you may have available to donate to this program: 0-50, 50-100 or 100+ hours. Please click on the following link to review our standard data policy.

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