e2ip Technologies Acquires Serious Integrated, Inc

May 27, 2021

Press Release

e2ip Technologies Acquires Serious Integrated, Inc

e2ip Technologies announced its acquisition of Serious Integrated Inc. (Serious), a provider of industrial, medical, and commercial touch screen HMI-IoT solutions.

The strategic partners create and deliver innovative solutions to global market leaders.

The ever-increasing global competition and demand for leading-edge technologies create a greater need for companies to find innovative differentiation in their products. Touch screens are an unequivocal HMI technology that bridges the gap between functionality and consumer experience. Widely integrated into consumer electronics, the acquisition allows for the improvement of visualization, the increase of worker productivity, as well as being able to create operations more efficiently by providing a simpler and more effective interactive experience with business devices and equipment.

For more information, visit e2ip.com.