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SensiML's Analytics Studio Delivers Software Tools to the AI Edge - News

May 21, 2024

Portland, Oregon. SensiML Corporation (subsidiary of QuickLogic) declared it is first to deliver a complete open-source AutoML solution for designing edge AI/ML applications with its invented Analytics Studio delivering enhanced creativity, innovation, and AI code transparency. According to SensiML, its Analytics Studio provides IoT Edge AI software tools such as platform agnostic model generation, time-series sensor inputs, rapid innovation, flexibility, and extensibility.


Infineon Teams with SensiML for Sensor-Drive IoT Application Development - News

February 08, 2022

Infineon Technologies AG is collaborating with SensiML to offer developers an ideal process to capture data from Infineon XENSIV sensors, train Machine Learning (ML) models, and deploy real-time inferencing models directly on ultra-low power PSoC 6 microcontrollers (MCUs).

AI & Machine Learning

SensiML Teams with onsemi for Industrial Edge AI Sensing Applications - News

November 08, 2021

SensiML Corporation announced that it has teamed with onsemi to deliver a complete machine learning solution for autonomous sensor data processing and predictive modeling.

Open Source

SensiML Launches Open Source Initiative to Drive TinyML Implementations for Smart IoT Applications - News

May 11, 2021

SensiML Corporation announced that it has launched an Open Source Initiative to accelerate the adoption of TinyML smart sensing IoT applications.

AI & Machine Learning

SensiML Announces SensiML Analytics Toolkit Integrated with Google TensorFlow Lite - Other

September 18, 2020

SensiML announced its SensiML Analytics Toolkit is now integrated with Google's TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers.


Special COVID-19 Edition of Embedded Executives: Chris Rogers, CEO, SensiML - Podcast

May 28, 2020

Many pundits say that the key to neutralizing the COVID-19 virus is testing, lots of testing. That's easier said than done, unless you believe what the technology experts at SensiML are saying.

Open Source

Embedded Toolbox: Knock Out Embedded AI & Machine Learning Development Hurdles - Video

February 19, 2020

There are solutions that exist in the sweet spot of the Venn diagram between artificial intelligence and embedded engineering. Tune into this week's Embedded Toolbox to learn more. It's a knockout