SensiML Is Bringing the Development Community Closer With its Open-Source AutoML Solution for Edge AI

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 28, 2024


SensiML Is Bringing the Development Community Closer With its Open-Source AutoML Solution for Edge AI
Image Credit: SensiML

Portland, Oregon. SensiML Corporation launched its open-source initiative Piccolo AI. The initiative, announced earlier last month, is live and contains a suite of resources to support the broader developer community. acts as the key hub for all project-related information, updates, and documentation. For more designer support, SensiML released a dedicated public forum at to ease discussions, collaborations, and knowledge sharing amongst developers.

The GitHub repository at delivers free access to the AutoML codebase. By utilizing this repository, users can take advantage of cutting-edge technology for their projects and help drive the ongoing improvement and innovation for Edge AI solutions.

“We are thrilled to make our AutoML solution available as an open-source project,” said Chris Rogers, CEO of SensiML. “This launch is a significant milestone in our mission to democratize access to AI technology and enable developers to create powerful, intelligent edge solutions with greater ease and efficiency. We believe that the collaborative power of the open-source community will drive rapid advancements in edge AI technology.”

Key Features:

  • Automated Machine Learning
  • Edge Optimization
  • Comprehensive
  • Community Support
  • Active Contribution

Developers, researchers, and AI enthusiasts can now access the first open-source AutoML solution for IoT edge AI designed to streamline the creation of intelligent sensor algorithms at the edge.

To get started visit For discourse and support, join the community forum at Access code and participate at

For more information, visit

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