Datadog Easily Assesses Your Streaming Pipeline Execution

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 28, 2023


Datadog Easily Assesses Your Streaming Pipeline Execution
Image Credit: Datadog

New YorkDatadog, Inc. made available its Data Streams Monitoring designed to make tracking and managing solutions, using messaging systems like Kafka and RabbitMQ, easier to integrate into your environments.

"There is a gap in visibility between SREs and application developers today, which limits their understanding of how queues are impacting mission-critical services and end-to-end latency of high-value user experiences like the resolution of banking transactions, the generation of shopping recommendations or payment processing," said Omri Sass, Group Product Manager at Datadog.

The solution monitors all interdependencies and prioritizes health metrics across streaming data transmissions to mitigate latency and downtime issues. For mission-critical applications such as banking, automotive, and video infrastructures, Datadog's Data Streams Monitoring can assess and aid in issues detected to ease loss of time. 

These pipelines demand precise measurements governed by service-level agreements (SLAs) and regulatory restrictions.

Darren Furr, Solutions Architect at MarketAxess said, "With Data Streams Monitoring, our team is able to proactively discover performance bottlenecks and optimize stream processing to ensure maximum throughput and low latency delivery of data to our customers."

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