ADLINK to showcase telecom industry's Open Compute Project Carrier Grade spec

March 16, 2018


ADLINK to showcase telecom industry's Open Compute Project Carrier Grade spec

Representing a significant step in the evolution of OCP's CG-OpenRack-19 specification, the hands-on demonstration of OpenRack, OpenSled infrastructure will be featured at the upcoming OCP Summit


The OCP-ACCEPTEDTM OpenRack, OpenSled configuration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of OCP CG-OpenRack-19 as it continues the expansion of OCP-CG open architectures. The specification offers telecom data center operators the benefits of open platform standards combined with the needed carrier-grade and environmental enhancements required for Edge Computing in telecom data center environments. The open system approach drives innovation in the market and allows operators to avoid vendor lock-in that comes with propriety solutions. In addition, the multi-vendor solution offers seamless support across the sales and integration cycles.

“As the networking and communications market continues to transform itself into a virtualized network, including Edge Computing technologies, the need for operators to integrate multiple hardware and software assets is one of the most critical factors in NFV/SDN and Multi-access Edge Computing – or MEC -- deployments in the next few years,” said Jeff Sharpe, director, strategic product planning at ADLINK.

The CG-OpenRack-19 specification is the result of OCP’s Telecom Working Group, which develops open architecture for carrier grade, frame- level solutions. The OCP-ACCEPTEDTM OpenSled spec, based on ADLINK’s OCCERA (Open Compute Carrier-grade Edge Reference Architecture), enhances the original spec by providing definitions for the internal configuration options of the CG-OpenRack-19 sled, including options for key appliances to utilize additional components inside the sled. The specification is designed mainly for network deployed products for telecom specific applications, for example: DPI, security, policy, media and transcoding.

Sharpe added that ADLINK will continue its collaboration efforts, which will allow the company to provide useful specifications for full-width sleds, storage and other key technologies consistent with OCP-CG infrastructure.

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