Cogniteam Releases Nimbus to Reduce Robotic Time to Market

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 02, 2021


Cogniteam Releases Nimbus to Reduce Robotic Time to Market

Cogniteam released its Nimbus operating system to offer developers a drag n' drop experience to enable the integration of spatial awareness tools, obstacle identification, navigation systems, cameras, LiDar, and more.

To help fast-track the robotic revolution and allow greater access to their insights, Cogniteam developed Nimbus, a high-level operating system that delivers a suitable user experience from development to deployment. Now, as hardware engineers develop the physical aspects of the robots, they can upload the blueprints into Nimbus and allow software teams to program the robot in a simulated environment.

 Nimbus offers pre-developed drivers and software packages in a drag n' drop environment, making it ideal to incorporate advanced sensors and complicated features. It also integrates with the open-source Robotic Operating System (ROS) and other 3rd party resources. 

According to the company, Nimbus has already helped beta test companies reduce the development time and reach the market in a fraction of the time, shifting from today's development cycle of 6 years to only 1.5 years. This platform has been adopted by partners such as AAEON and Adlink.

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