Executive outlook: What's hot in 2009

November 01, 2008

Executive outlook: What's hot in 2009

Industry execs offer insight into where they think the embedded market is headed next year.

Trends in the embedded computing industry serve as important indicators of what innovation we can expect to see in the coming months and years. We asked several industry thought leaders to comment on key trends affecting their specific areas of the market now and in the immediate future. It should come as no surprise that multicore processors continue to set the pace in embedded developments. Open source methodologies and standards are also maintaining their influence on the direction of innovation.

"2009 should be an inflection point for embedded computing. We've seen three trends emerge: The first is increasing use of open source, nonproprietary tools and models; second is the emergence of next-generation software development tools; and finally, true multicore software with parallelism, not just multiple individual applications running on multiple individual processors. We expect to see the convergence of these trends, resulting in new opportunities for embedded systems that can utilize the available technology and for providers of development environments and tools to enable the next generation in embedded computing".


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