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ew China '23 Saw SECO and Exien Combine Forces - News

June 19, 2023

Arezzo, Rome. During embedded world China, SECO and Exein collaborated on a showcase involving Exein's advanced cybersecurity solutions integrated into SECO electronic products, producing one of the most secure IoT solutions. 


embedded world 2023 Best in Show Winners: Security - Product

March 13, 2023

Winners have been chosen based on a 15-point rubric that considers solutions’ Design Excellence (5 points), Relative Performance (5 points), and Market Impact/Disruption (5 points).


Best in Show Nominee: Exein Runtime - Product

March 10, 2023

Exein Runtime is a cutting-edge runtime threat detection and response solution (XDR) for Linux and RTOS-based IoT systems. It defends IoT devices against all types of cyber threats and facilitates real-time detection and response to known and unknown attacks.


Best in Show Nominee: Exein Analyzer - Product

March 10, 2023

Exein Analyzer is a powerful security platform that helps organizations identify and address cybersecurity threats in their IoT devices. By integrating with asset identification tools, Exein Analyzer makes it easy to scan the security of your entire IoT fleet.

Software & OS

The Road to embedded world '23: San Francisco, California, Exein - News

March 07, 2023

Embedded security is always needed and at hall 4 booth 451 at embedded world 2023 visit Exein as they will have interactive demos for showing guests how Exein Runtime secures their IoT devices in real time.



Product Showcase: Exein Runtime Handles Threat Detection/Incident Response - Story

March 06, 2023

Threats from outside sources are a huge concern to developers, OEMs, and end-system providers. Detecting those threats is one part of the solution. The other part is the incident response. To that end, Exein, a global cybersecurity company specializing in IoT devices, is offering its Exein Runtime, which as its name implies, is a state-of-the-art runtime threat detection and incident response solution (XDR) for Linux- and RTOS-based IoT systems. The below video does a good job explaining how it works.


SECO and Exein: A Partnership to raise Customer Solutions' Security Levels - Press Release

June 13, 2022

At the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2022, SECO and Exein will present their strategic partnership to offer an innovative security ecosystem for the Internet of Things.