Best in Show Nominee: Exein Analyzer

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Exein Analyzer

Exein Analyzer is a powerful security platform that helps organizations identify and address cybersecurity threats in their IoT devices. By integrating with asset identification tools, Exein Analyzer makes it easy to scan the security of your entire IoT fleet.

With support for multiple systems, including Linux, RTOS, UEFI, Docker, Android, and Uboot, Exein Analyzer can assess any IoT device without accessing source code or using agents/SDKs. With intelligent prioritization and proprietary rating, Exein Analyzer automates the analysis and identification of security vulnerabilities, allowing organizations to proactively protect their systems.

As the most comprehensive multi-system detector available, Exein Analyzer is the ultimate device security posture analysis tool with support for multiple systems including Linux, RTOS, UEFI, Docker, Android, and Uboot. Its fully automated process smartly identifies and addresses the most dangerous vulnerabilities. Integration with popular build tools, such as Yocto and BuildRoot, enables security implementation from the start to ensure that security is not an afterthought. Exein Analyzer is the optimal vulnerability scanning solution, providing a powerful ecosystem that effectively protects your organization against cyber threats.

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