Best in Show Nominee: Exein Runtime

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Exein Runtime

Exein Runtime is a cutting-edge runtime threat detection and response solution (XDR) for Linux and RTOS-based IoT systems. It defends IoT devices against all types of cyber threats and facilitates real-time detection and response to known and unknown attacks.

The system is powered by Exein Pulsar, an open-source kernel observability framework that uses Rust for optimum performance in embedded environments. Exein Runtime caters to companies that require protection against IoT security threats, like OEMs. It offers state-of-the-art security for IoT devices in real-time, thereby ensuring complete protection against external threats.

Exein Runtime is the ultimate solution for IoT security due to its unique focus on IoT and edge computing. It stands out from competitors by combining static security policies with edge AI inference to protect against statistically significant deviations in process activity. With a modular architecture, it's fully compatible with existing embedded devices and can be integrated into software solutions already on the field. This design makes it the most effective security solution for IoT devices, ensuring the highest level of protection from external cyber threats. Its IoT and edge computing focus makes it ideal for safeguarding any company's IoT systems.

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