ew China '23 Saw SECO and Exien Combine Forces

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 19, 2023


ew China '23 Saw SECO and Exien Combine Forces
Image Credit: SECO and Exein

Arezzo, Rome. During embedded world China, SECO and Exein collaborated on a showcase involving Exein's advanced cybersecurity solutions integrated into SECO electronic products, producing one of the most secure IoT solutions. 

Those utilizing SECO will benefit from Exein's cybersecurity innovations and its ability to deliver secure and isolated management. SECO’s solutions leverage both x86 and Arm architectures with standard offerings such as SMARC, Qseven, COM-HPC, and COM Express. The modular design simply speeds up development and updatesallowing for efficient upgrades of COM’s mounted onto specialized carrier boards.

Along with the above, SECO highlighted its off-the-shelf human-machine interface (HMI) panel PC family supplying customizations including installation options, display sizes (5.0" up to 21.5"), and various firmware.

"With Exein, we share the understanding of how important IoT cybersecurity is and the commitment to making it at the core of our strategy. That is why we have joined forces to integrate our know-how and give our customers secure-by-design solutions that create a new paradigm within the IoT space," said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.

Exein demonstrated how it incorporates machine learning (ML) and AI directly into a design’s operating system delivering real-time analysis of device discovery of irregularities with possible identification of attacks. Also, attendees had a glimpse of the Exein Runtime agent utilizing Exein Pulsar security architecture as it employs the Linux kernel's eBPF technology.

"Exein's solutions have been integrated into all SECO products, creating the most advanced and secure IoT offerings on the market. This collaboration emphasizes SECO's commitment to offering secure solutions right from the start in an environment that is constantly evolving," echoed Gianni Cuozzo, CEO at Exein.

For more information, please visit seco.com and exein.io.

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