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Articles related to Intel

Intel Launches $1 Billion Fund to Build a Foundry Innovation Ecosystem - News

February 07, 2022

Intel announced a new $1 billion fund to support early-stage startups and established companies building disruptive technologies for the foundry ecosystem.


Intel Announces 12th Gen Intel Core Processors for IoT - News

January 05, 2022

During CES 2022, Intel launched 12th Gen Intel Core processors (code-named Alder Lake S-series and H-series), the first family of processors enhanced for the edge to feature performance hybrid architecture that combines Performance-cores and Efficient-cores with Intel Thread Director.


BrakTooth Bluetooth Vulnerability Crashes Devices, Reveals Need for IoT Device Testing - Story

November 05, 2021

IoT devices are everywhere – including most people’s pockets, workspaces, and living rooms. So hackers invading networks to steal data or hijack electronic devices is a common and justifiable fear.

AI & Machine Learning

AI-Based Anomaly Detection Enhances Performance of Industrial Machinery - Blog

October 05, 2021

Apart from lengthy and expensive operational research, factory production can meet its optimal targets by thorough analysis and monitoring of the overall system. Additionally, production workflow is efficient when machinery works at its maximum efficiency without faulty intervals or anomalies.

Open Source

Dev Kit Weekly: SimplyNUC Topaz Powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors - Video

September 03, 2021

The SimplyNUC Topaz isn’t really a development kit. More aptly, it’s a mini PC.

AI & Machine Learning

Win a Simply NUC Complete Solution for Edge AI Hardware/Software Development - Story

August 25, 2021

No one will question the complexity of designing an AI solution that lives at the edge of the IoT. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a head start on both the hardware and the software? That’s exactly what you get when you deploy your solution based on the Simply NUC Topaz, which hosts the latest 11th generation Intel® Core® processor. And this platform is not just for development – it can be used for deployment, too.