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Advantech Releases AIMB-288E with NVIDIA Quadro GPU to Accelerate Edge AI Deployment - Press Release

November 11, 2022

Munich, Germany. Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computing platforms, is pleased to announce the release of the AIMB-288E industrial motherboard with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processor and NVIDIA Quadro T1000 GPU. AIMB-288E leverages an ultra-slender design to deliver outstanding computing power and superior graphics performance to visual computing in edge intelligence. It supports three independent displays (2 x DisplayPort & 1 x eDP with up to 4K resolution) to present precise visualization during diverse inspection tasks. In addition, AIMB-288E benefits from Advantech’s strict design process, thermal technology, and IEC-60068-2 compliance — attributes that ensure stability during long-term operation. This combination of features and capabilities make AIMB-288E an excellent choice for AI development and deployment in applications requiring a compact, slim form factor design.


Advantech's Uno Series Edge Gateways Qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass - News

September 06, 2022

Advantech announced its UNO series of IoT edge gateways have qualified for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internet of Things (IoT) Greengrass. AWS IoT Greengrass is an open source IoT edge and cloud service to simplify the development, deployment, and management of device software. 


Advantech Launches World’s First COM-HPC Module with AMD EPYCTM Embedded 7003 Server Processors - News

July 13, 2022

At embedded world 2022, Advantech unveiled the world's first COM-HPC Server-on-Module powered by AMD EPYCTM 7003 Embedded processors. The new COM-HPC Size E Server-on-Modules (200 x 160 mm) provide more than triple the number of available edge server cores compared to any other COM-HPC server module on the market [1], providing edge server engineers with a significant performance boost.


The Road to Embedded World: Advantech - Blog

May 12, 2022

Advantech is one of those global embedded computer companies, so their road is not a simple A to B. point to point connection. That said, with facilities all around the globe, the company will have lots to show up the upcoming embedded world exhibition, specifically in Hall 1, Booth 1-207.


Advantech EPC-R7200 NVIDIA Jetson- Industrial-Grade Box-PC Expedites the AI Deployment - Press Release

April 08, 2022

06th April 2022, Taipei, Taiwan — Advantech, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, is pleased to release EPC-R7200, an NVIDIA Jetson-compatible industrial-grade Box-PC. EPC-R7200 meets demands created by the rising adoption of NVIDIA Jetson platform edge AI devices via an ultra-compact form factor (152 × 137 × 42 mm; 5.9 × 5.3 × 1.6 in). This Box-PC is designed for AI developers that use NVIDIA Jetson family modules, including Jetson Xavier™ NX, Jetson™ TX2 NX and Jetson Nano™. These features make EPC-R7200 an excellent choice edge AI applications in diverse industries.

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Product of the Week: Advantech’s NVIDIA Jetson-based AIR-020 AI Inference System - Story

March 15, 2022

As the world’s demand for intelligence increases, real-time edge computing no longer refers simply to data processing. Increasingly, it implies AI.

In applications like traffic monitoring, defect/quality inspection, people counting, medical imaging, or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), the demand for edge AI also means requirements for low latency, minimal power consumption, and sufficient thermal dissipation – all of course, at the highest performance levels possible.

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Advantech Launches Embedded AI Systems and Platforms Powered by Intel Xeon D-1700/2700 Processors - News

March 11, 2022

Advantech announces a range of embedded computing solutions featuring Intel Xeon D-1700/2700 processors. The launch comprises of the AIR-500D, the ARK-7060, MIC-790 edge AI servers, and the SOM-5993 COM Express and SOM-D580 COM-HPC server modules.