Harsh Climates and Its Significance in Embedded IoT Environments

March 27, 2024


Harsh Climates and Its Significance in Embedded IoT Environments

This whitepaper discusses the challenges and opportunities of deploying Embedded Internet of Things (IoT) devices in harsh environments. It emphasizes the importance of understanding these challenges and designing solutions that can withstand extreme conditions.

The paper discusses two case studies; a failed attempt to deploy IoT devices for desert agriculture and an unsuccessful Arctic offshore monitoring project where devices couldn't handle the sub-zero temperatures and ice buildup.

The paper concludes with a successful IoT device deployment in a harsh Australian mining environment. The Advantech ARK-2251, a modular fanless box PC, is highlighted for its resilience to extreme temperatures, dust, and adaptable power supply.

Overall, the whitepaper emphasizes the need for careful planning and consideration of environmental factors when deploying IoT devices in harsh climates. By learning from past mistakes and adopting innovative solutions, we can unlock the full potential of IoT technology in even the most challenging environments.