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Embedded Executive: Is GaN a Reliable Technology? Innoscience Europe - Podcast

August 02, 2023

Gallium nitride technology has been in the news quite a lot over past couple of years. It’s being touted as a far superior alternative to some of the competing technologies, particularly those that are silicon-based.

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Innoscience Broadens its 650V Product Family with 650V E-mode GaN HEMTs - News

October 24, 2022

Innoscience Technology announced a full range of 650V E-mode GaN HEMT 190mΩ, 350mΩ and 600mΩ RDS(on) components in general 8x8 and 5x6 DFN bundles. Qualified to JEDEC standards, the 650V HEMTs are certified Dynamic High Temperature operating life test (DHTOL) dependability testing according to JEP180. The JEP180 is JEDEC’s new guidelines for GaN technology. The 650V HEMT (InnoGaN) have a projected life expectancy of 36 years at 80% (520V; 150°C; 0.01% failure rate).


Embedded Executive: Denis Marcon, GM, Innoscience Europe - Podcast

May 25, 2022

The chip shortage and supply-chain issues are not getting better.

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Innoscience Releases 140W Power Supply Design Using High- and Low-Voltage GaN Switches - News

April 18, 2022

Innoscience Technology announced an ultra-high-density 140W power supply demo that uses the company's high- and low-voltage GaN HEMT devices to attain efficiencies of over 95% (230VAC; 5V/28A). Measuring just 60x60x22mm (2.4x2.4x0.9in) the PSU has a class-leading power density of 1.76W/cm3 (29W/in3).