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Software & OS

aicas Partners With Klika Tech to Create an EDP Leveraging AWS - News

May 08, 2024

Klika Tech and aicas GmbH introduced a SaaS IoT portal to operate multiple edge devices with diverse functionality. The aicas Edge Device Portal (EDP) permits users to seamlessly integrate edge and cloud solutions, delivering dynamic software deployment and comprehensive lifecycle management, presenting aicas-managed SaaS with client-owned AWS solutions.

AI & Machine Learning

embedded world 2024 Best in Show Nominees: AI & Machine Learning - Story

April 01, 2024

The Embedded Computing Design editorial staff is pleased to present this year’s embedded world Best-in-Show nominees in the AI and Machine Learning category:


embedded world 2023 Best in Show Winners: Data Analytics - Product

March 13, 2023

Winners have been chosen based on a 15-point rubric that considers solutions’ Design Excellence (5 points), Relative Performance (5 points), and Market Impact/Disruption (5 points).