aicas Partners With Klika Tech to Create an EDP Leveraging AWS

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 08, 2024


aicas Partners With Klika Tech to Create an EDP Leveraging AWS
Image Credit: aicas

Klika Tech and aicas GmbH introduced a SaaS IoT portal to operate multiple edge devices with diverse functionality. The aicas Edge Device Portal (EDP) permits users to seamlessly integrate edge and cloud solutions, delivering dynamic software deployment and comprehensive lifecycle management, presenting aicas-managed SaaS with client-owned AWS solutions.

The aicas Edge Device Portal (EDP) was designed utilizing the cloud expertise of Klika Tech, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. It simplifies integration with AWS benefits and leverages the AWS cloud infrastructure. Employing the EDP creates a configurable role-based approach developers can use to efficiently create, deploy, and monitor high-quality software.

According to aicas, the partnership with Klika Tech will support customers in effectively developing an environment ensuring natural infrastructure protection and scalability.

Gennadiy Borisov, President and Co-CEO of Klika Tech, said: “aicas is a perfect example of how AWS services and AWS cloud infrastructure can be tailored to develop cloud-based solutions that enable flexible, dynamic software deployment with simplified application lifecycle management.”

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