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You're Going to Get Hacked — Stay Cyber Resilient - Podcast

October 27, 2023

On this episode of Embedded Insiders, we’re discussing cyber resiliency with Eric Sivertson, VP of Security at Lattice Semiconductor, specifically highlighting how organizations can benefit from implementing a personalized data security plan, and how FPGAs can help. 


Product of the Week: Lattice Semiconductor’s CrossLinkU-NX Embedded Vision and Processing FPGA - Story

October 02, 2023

Embedded vision and processing applications benefit from hardware that is highly configurable with versatile integrated circuits that aid in the customization of a wide range of applications. Embedded vision, sensor fusion, industrial automation, medical imaging, IoT devices, and AI and machine learning are applications and technologies that are capable of processing data and accelerating applications with the help of an FPGA.


Modern Vehicles Call for Modern Solutions: How FPGAs Can Transform the Automotive Industry - Blog

August 23, 2023

The automotive industry is in the midst of a technological transformation and, in particular, a shift to software-defined vehicles.


Product of the Week: Lattice Semiconductor’s Lattice Drive Solution Stack - Story

July 31, 2023

Automotive system designs and applications rely on modular hardware and software solutions that can keep up with the high-processing, low-power demands of in-vehicle display connectivity and data processing, ADAS sensor bridging and processing, and zonal bridging applications, which enable bridging and processing throughout the vehicle.


Lattice Revs Up Infotainment Connectivity with its Stack - News

July 21, 2023

Hillsboro, Oregon. Lattice Semiconductor is continuing to grow its application-specific software solution stack family with the unveiling of its Lattice Drive solution stack for automotive applications. The software has been designed to aid in the development of in-vehicle infotainment display connectivity and data processing assets, including advanced multi-display connectivity and data processing.


Lattice Releases MachXO5T-NX Advanced System Control FPGAs - News

April 27, 2023

Hillsboro, Oregon. Is the complexity of your growing system management becoming too much? Lattice Semiconductor released its low power Lattice MachXO5T-NX family of advanced system control FPGAs to support users as they face the tough challenges of building their system management environment. The MachXO5T-NX FPGAs features PCIe Gen 2 interfaces, advanced logic, added memory, and heightened security.


SiTime Provides Precision Timing Solution for Lattice's Low Power FPGAs - News

April 24, 2023

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA. SiTime Corporation recently announced that it will provide its Cascade MEMS-based Clock-System-on-a-Chip (ClkSoC) and an Emerald OCXO or Elite X Super-TCXO precision timing solutions for Lattice Semiconductor's new synchronization hardware development platform.