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Portwell, Inc.: PCOM-B65A - COM Express Type 6 Module with New Gen Intel Core Ultra Processors for Medical Devices, Industrial Control and Edge AI Solutions - Product

January 10, 2024

Product Description:

PCOM-B65A is a COM Express module based on Intel Meteor Lake-U/H platform. It is compatible with COM Express Rev3.1 standard. The platform adopts the new gen Intel 4 Lithography and VNNI instruction set, offers advance computing power with 15~45W thermal and embedded use condition for wide range application. It also support new integrated NPU for dedicated AI acceleration with up to 20x performance/watt improvement.


Portwell, Inc.,: PQ7-M21 - Product

November 28, 2023

Product Description:

The Portwell PQ7-M21 is designed with the low-power Intel Atom®️ x7000E series, Intel®️ Processor N series, and high-performance Intel®️ Core™️ i3 N-series processors (codenamed Alder Lake-N), featuring AI acceleration and real-time computing with power efficiency. Built with fanless design (selected CPU SKUs), optimized performance and value, and extended product longevity support, the PQ7-M21 Qseven 2.1 module is an ideal building block for diverse IoT edge applications from intelligent healthcare and digital automation to smart transportation, building and city.

AI & Machine Learning

Portwell Leverages Intel and AI for Its COM Express Type 7 Basic Size Module - News

September 13, 2023

Portwell is delivering its new 125mm x 95mm Intel Xeon D-1700 powered PCOM-B705GT, a COM Express Type 7 Basic Size module with industrial server-grade power and enhanced temperature protocol utilizing 4 to 10 computing cores. The solution was developed for applications ranging from edge deployments to data centers, cloud, using innovative AI capabilities for a real-time platform.


Portwell Releases New High Performance Embedded System Powered by 10th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors - Press Release

November 08, 2022

WEBS -85H2 Is Rugged, High Performance, and Ideal for Factory Automation Applications, Smart Warehouse and Real-Time Traffic Monitoring System. 


Portwell Upgrades Its Family of ANS Compact Desktop Network Security Appliances for SD-WAN Network Builders - Press Release

August 26, 2021

New ANS-9142/41 and ANS-9A44F/42F feature upgraded Intel® Denverton Refresh Processor SoC for improved performance


The COM-HPC Spec is Here and Products Are Starting to Emerge - Blog

July 05, 2021

COM-HPC was officially ratified about six months ago. Embedded Computing Design has done a nice job covering the spec and many of the products that have come out of the spec (some before ratification and many after). We also posted a series of videos (called COM-HPC Academy) with some of the influential members of PICMG, the standards body behind the spec.


Portwell Release New Medical-Grade Touch Computers - News

July 24, 2020

Portwell released the MEDS-P2202 and MEDS-P2402 medical grade touch computer with displays measuring 22" and 24" respectively.