Portwell, Inc.,: PQ7-M21

November 28, 2023


Image Credit: Portwell, Inc.,

Product Description:

The Portwell PQ7-M21 is designed with the low-power Intel Atom®️ x7000E series, Intel®️ Processor N series, and high-performance Intel®️ Core™️ i3 N-series processors (codenamed Alder Lake-N), featuring AI acceleration and real-time computing with power efficiency. Built with fanless design (selected CPU SKUs), optimized performance and value, and extended product longevity support, the PQ7-M21 Qseven 2.1 module is an ideal building block for diverse IoT edge applications from intelligent healthcare and digital automation to smart transportation, building and city.


  • Power-efficient Intel Atom®️ x7000E series and Intel®️ Processor N series, and performance and value balanced Intel®️ Core™️ i3 N-series processors (formerly Alder Lake-N)
  • Onboard LPDDR5 SDRAM up to 16GB
  • Multiple display support: 24-bit LVDS/eDP, HDMI/DP
  • Four PCIe Gen 3 lanes, two USB 3.2 and up to six USB 2.0
  • Two SATA 3.2, onboard eMMC 5.1, onboard TPM

Product Website Link:https://portwell.com/products/detail.php?CUSTCHAR1=PQ7-M21

Datasheet Link:https://www.portwell.com/pdf/embedded/PQ7-M21.pdf

Buy It Now Link:https://portwell.com/products/detail.php?CUSTCHAR1=PQ7-M21

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