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Optimizing Embedded System Functionality with the Right OS - Blog

December 14, 2023

Embarking on a new project for an embedded product involves critical decisions, chief among them being the selection of an appropriate operating system (OS). Much like how the foundation of a building sets its resilience and longevity, the choice of an OS significantly affects a product's performance, scalability, and user-friendliness. Considering the plethora of available options, understanding the nuances of each becomes vital.


Variscite Serves the Edge with its i.MX 95 Based DART-MX95 - News

November 15, 2023

Tel Aviv, Israel. Variscite has released its DART-MX95 built on NXP’s i.MX 95 series of processors. Offered is up to six cores leveraging 2.0 GHz Arm Cortex-A55 with two independent real-time co-processors for safety/low-power and 250 MHz Arm Cortex-M7 and 800 MHz Arm Cortex-M33.



Variscite's Wi-Fi 6 Module Keeps the Connection Going - News

October 06, 2023

Variscite introduced its VAR-SOM-MX93, an NXP i.MX93 based SoM with NXP-based Wi-Fi 6 module. The SoM leverages a 1.7GHz Dual Cortex-A55 NXP’s iMX93 processor with 250MHz Cortex-M33 and the first integration of Arm’s neural processing unit, Ethos-U65 microNPU. Benefits of utilizing Wi-Fi 6 includes extended bandwidth, improved range, better simultaneous stream capabilities, lower latency, and optimized power management.


Variscite Demos i.MX 91 based SoM at Computex '23 - News

June 05, 2023

During Computex 2023, Variscite displayed a working VAR-SOM-MX91 as NXP was announcing the i.MX 91 SoC. The SoC features an Arm Cortex-A55 running at 1.4GHz, and supports 2GB LPDDR4 memory, dual Gigabit Ethernet, dual USB, dual CAN-FD, audio in/out, ADC, certified single or dual-band Wi-Fi, BT/BLE. Also included is a display output with integrated EdgeLock Secure Enclave and industrial temperature grade for embedded applications such as IoT, smart home, connected sensors, industrial controllers, and metering.


Variscite Launches New, Low-Cost System on Module Based on Texas Instruments' AM62x - News

April 11, 2023

TEL AVIV, Israel - Variscite announced the launch of the VAR-SOM-AM62, powered by the Texas Instruments AM62x and running on 1.4 GHz Quad-core Cortex™-A53 with 400MHz Cortex-M4F and additional 333 MHz PRU real-time co-processors, for high performance, low-power embedded industrial products.


Learn How Variscite's TI Powered SoM will Work for You - News

April 07, 2023

Tel Aviv, Israel. Variscite has developed the VAR-SOM-AM62 around the Texas Instruments AM62x with 1.4 GHz Quad-core Cortex-A53, 400MHz Cortex-M4F, and supplementary 333 MHz PRU real-time co-processors. The VAR-SOM-AM62 includes certified dual-band Wi-Fi, BT /BLE 5.2, 3x CAN bus, dual USB, and dual GbE. For graphics, the $33 module delivers MIPI-CSI2 camera interfaces embedded with a 3D GPU, viewable on dual LVDS displays.


System on Modules or Chip-Down Design? It’s Complicated - Blog

September 23, 2022

In the rush to put new electronic products on the market – edge/IoT devices, robotics, even specialty industrial or medical equipment – the choices manufacturers make early in the design process can have a large impact later.