Best in Show Nominee: Eurotech - DynaCOR 40-36

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Eurotech - DynaCOR 40-36

The DynaCOR 40-36 is a liquid-cooled, rugged and compact edge AI server certified for automotive applications, enabling edge inference and training for ADAS and autonomous driving development. It can be configured with up to 4x NVIDIA GPUs to offer unprecedented performance for a fanless system: up to 237 TFLOPS for Deep Learning precision, up to 29.6 TFLOPS for single precision and up to 14.8 TFLOPS for double precision. Combined with Eurotech portfolio of high performance data loggrs and networking systems, it enables data cententer-class architectures to perform in-vehicle training and inference of AI algorithms for autonomous driving. 

The DynaCOR 40/36 offers a unique combination of best-in-class liquid cooling technology, top-of-the-line ruggedization, that combined with a compact and fanless design allow an efficient use in limited space and power use cases, typical of automotive applications. You can literally replicate a data center infrastructure in the vehicle trunk. The inference and training of AI algorithms for ADAS and autonomous driving happen directly in the vehicle: developers can build their AI models in real time and directly in the car, without the need to upload the data into the data center. This allows a reduction of costs and development efforts. 

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