Infineon Drives ADAS with its PROFET Load Guard 12V Series

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 18, 2023


Image Credit: Infineon

Munich, Germany. Infineon Technologies AG announced a a new automotive smart high-side power switch series. The PROFET Load Guard 12V dual- and single-channel delivers a current capacitive range between 0.3 and 8.7 A, depending on the R DS(ON), with no need for a microcontroller.

It avoids peak currents that endanger loads in a sensor fusion box and provides fast fault isolation to the power distribution side. ADAS and display devices power on promptly utilizing capacitive load switching (CLS) mode. When activated, the CLS mode enables charging to several millifarads while continuing to function at the safe operating area (SOA).

Operating Range is from 3 V (cranking: 2.7 V) to 28 V for customization if needed. In times of system updates, the analog overcurrent limit threshold will easily adjust to the changed environment. For isolated timed loads, the PROFET Load Guard 12V enables hardware-based wire protection.

Rated at 2-3 A, the series comprises of two 90 mΩ and two 50 mΩ devices, both offered as single- and dual-channel automotive smart high-side power switches. The proven PG-TS-DSO-14 package works with other SMART7 devices like the PROFET +2 12V.

For design help, the PROFET Load Guard 12V devices are integrated with the PROFET Guard Tool that assesses system protection capability within the devices. Included is an analyzer for correct resistor value for adjustable overcurrent limitation.

The PRO SIL are certified ISO26262.

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