New features on Newark element14's IoT Hub include the Internet of Robotics

March 08, 2018


New features on Newark element14's IoT Hub include the Internet of Robotics

Plus, journey through an animated infographic to see how a designer's idea can come to life

Newark element14, the Development Distributor, has added new content to the IoT Hub providing new insights into the role of the Internet of Things in a number of fast-moving areas, along with an animated infographic that summarises the services provided by the company and shows how they can help users’ projects come to life.

The IoT Hub, a major section of the company website, contains a variety of IoT feature stories, case studies, products, and interviews, as well as technical articles exploring the possibilities of IoT applications.

Just some of the latest content to be posted to the IoT Hub includes:

Internet of robotic things: This feature focuses on how robotics is becoming a trend in businesses, the different types of robots available, and how they can be implemented in different areas including warehouses and deliveries. It also covers robotic/human relationships and the future implications for society of new robotic developments.

• Does the IoT really need the Internet: Looking at IoT devices and whether or not they require the Internet to function. Amongst other things, this article looks at rural communities and how IoT devices can work in these regions, as well as devices and applications that benefit from lower-performance networks.

Smart speakers: A feature covering different smart speakers available on the market, their specifications and their benefits. It also looks closely at what other components and devices (the Raspberry Pi, for example), are used with these smart speakers.

• Why SBCs and Development Kits are Essential in Enabling IoT: Looking at development platforms - how they have evolved over recent years and their role in the IoT.

The new animated infographic shows the services that Newark element14 provides for its customers by following a typical project development scenario, the requirements a designer has at various stages of the project, and how these needs can be fulfilled by Newark element14 as the Development Distributor: