Premio Pushes Rugged Computing Out to the Edge

March 01, 2021


Premio Pushes Rugged Computing Out to the Edge
(Image courtesy of Premio)

Rugged Edge computing is a requirement in many applications, and the demand is growing as we move forward. The applications that require these features today include robotics, industrial automation, and mobile data aggregation. Premio has developed purpose-built hardware that offers the ruggedness to collect data at the Edge and then take an action based on that data.

According to Dustin Seetoo, a Director at Premio, the amount of data that’s acquired at the Edge is exploding, and we need a way to not only make sense of that data, but to take actions and provides analytics of those actions. In this video, Dustin explains how the technology works, which components are required, and how to classify the data. Even more insight can be gained by visiting Premio at (virtual) Embedded World.

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