ON Semiconductor Showcases Latest Low-Power Innovations for Industrial, Personal IoT and Smart Homes/Buildings at IoT World 2019

May 13, 2019


ON Semiconductor Showcases Latest Low-Power Innovations for Industrial, Personal IoT and Smart Homes/Buildings at IoT World 2019

Booth to feature connectivity, battery-free operation, video and audio edge AI solutions, and new platforms supported by the Strata Developer Studio?

IoT World. ON Semiconductor (ON), driving energy efficient innovations, will demonstrate its diverse portfolio of low-power and entirely battery-free platforms for building automation, smart homes, consumer, and Industrial IoT. New solutions for emerging areas including Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based imaging and audio processing will also be shown at IoT World 2019.

With connectivity such a critical piece of IoT, ON Semiconductor will exhibit its diverse range of best-in-class solutions supporting standards such as Zigbee® Green Power and Bluetooth® Low Energy. Manufacturers requiring truly differentiated applications can benefit from a demonstration featuring the AXM0F243 proprietary RF System-on-Chip (SoC). This powerful single-chip solution is software defined and provides a wide programmable frequency range of 27-1050 MHz.

Based on the RSL10 System in Package (SIP), the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit will highlight how smart sensor technology can be adopted into new monitoring applications, like worker safety or sports helmets, to detect personal injuries and send a message wirelessly. ON Semiconductor's line of smart RFID sensors will also demonstrate their ease of implementation, new long-range capabilities, and the benefits they bring to industrial IoT, including asset tracking and cold chain data-logging.

To support the growth and maintenance of the IoT, manufacturers are seeking alternative sources to power their applications. ON Semiconductor has played a pivotal role in making the battery-less and maintenance-free IoT a reality with its multiple energy harvesting platforms. The award-winning Bluetooth Low Energy Switch and new RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor platform will be on display, showing event-triggered wireless capability as well as continuous sensor monitoring. Enabling low data-rate mesh networking, a battery-less Zigbee Green Power platform based on the NCS36510 transceiver will be shown. The NCS36510 has the industry's lowest Rx current.

For wearables and security cameras, a demonstration featuring the AR0431 CMOS image sensor will prove how high quality imaging is possible in both day and night lighting conditions with minimal power consumption. The 4 MP sensor consumes a mere 8 mW of power while operating at 1 frame per second (fps). For wearable applications, the AR0431 has the ability to record slow motion video with retained image quality at 120 fps.

ON Semiconductor will preview new imaging and audio-processing innovations to support emerging IoT markets including Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). A unique 560 x 560 rolling shutter image sensor will demonstrate high-speed imaging capability within AI such as fingerprint reading and iris identification. Also on display is a low-cost audio solution based on ON Semiconductor's series of audio processors. The demonstration will show how audio edge AI can enable voice-based control of devices in smart homes and buildings.

Providing a seamless, personalized and secure environment for engineers, the Strata Developer Studio will be on display at the show. The innovative cloud-connected platform significantly accelerates development by providing a faster and simpler way for engineers to work with evaluation and development boards. By delivering the latest documentation, product information, design and application notes, and reference design files straight to the desktop, Strata is the most comprehensive design tool available in the industry. Visitors to the booth will experience new software enhancements for improved usability and see new supported hardware.

Visit ON Semiconductor's IoT World event page for more information about our booth and speaking engagements.

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