Lynx to exhibit LynxSecure at Arm TechCon

October 11, 2018

Press Release

Lynx to exhibit LynxSecure at Arm TechCon

Lynx Software Technologies to demonstrate its LynxSecure at Arm TechCon in booth 927.

Lynx Software Technologies will demonstrate its LynxSecure at Arm TechCon in booth 927. LynxSecure takes safety certification processes for Arm-based designs and makes them more efficient, providing military-grade security combined with the most capable virtualization to multi-core Arm SoC-based designs.

LynxSecure will run across Cortex-A53 processors, providing secure domains hosting a safety-critical RTOS next to Linux domains running general purpose computing applications with a mixed criticality system. The software will prevent any fault conditions or threats revealed in the GPOS domains from compromising the applications running in the safety domain.

In the automotive, segment, Lynx, along with ETAS, created a safe and secure hypervisor underpinning for the ETAS RTA-VRTE platform software solution employing the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform standard. RTA-VRTE supports the next generation of cross-domain and vehicle computer ECUs that will be featured in future vehicle models.

“LynxSecure supports mixed criticality development, from bare metal code running alongside full stack Linux, with secured communications capabilities between safely separated applications, allowing the mixing and matching of runtime environments on multi-core Arm-based SoCs,” said Lee Cresswell, vice president of global sales at Lynx Software Technologies. 

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