embedded world 2022: Embedded DevOps in the Internet of Things

May 04, 2022

Press Release

embedded world 2022: Embedded DevOps in the Internet of Things

A construction kit with coordinated hardware and software components enables automated software delivery processes for IoT systems in order to adapt devices and applications to changing requirements during ongoing operation.

DevOps is a collection of different technologies and methods for organizing collaboration between software developers and application operators in terms of software maintenance.

Such continuous development and maintenance processes can also be transferred to the world of embedded systems with an adapted methodology. However, in addition to the limited resources and the special interfaces, the sometimes very extreme operating environments also play a major role here. In this respect, IoT applications often involve cybersecurity maintenance (security DevOps). This requires appropriate expert knowledge and special test methods.

If embedded software also contains machine learning models, an MLOps workflow is also required. It is usually used to organize the collaboration between a data science team and the application operators with regard to machine learning model maintenance.

The newly developed eDO/8331 function kit from SSV focuses on automated remote software deployment for embedded DevOps process chains. For this purpose, the kit contains a Docker-based update server, an embedded gateway DNP/8331 with an application-based Debian Linux operating system, a client software for maintainers, and PKI-based security modules.

The DNP/8331 is available in a variety of mechanical formfactors ready for slot integration into user systems or as an Altium CAD function block, which license holders can embed in their own circuitry. To guarantee long-term availability for the Debian Linux operating system of the DNP/8331, SSV provides current security updates via its own repository.

With help of a development roadmap, SSV is pursuing the goal of expanding the eDO/8331 tool kit for complete IoT cyber resilience solutions. To this end, various software functions will be implemented both for the update server and the DNP/8331. These functions can protect an industrial IoT application against cyberattacks in a context-related manner, detect potential attacks based on specific behavioral patterns, and also perform automatic recovery after a cyberattack.

You will find us at the embedded world 2022 in hall 5, booth 357.

For more information, visit: https://www.ssv-embedded.de/en/